Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Full Supergirl #19 Cover

At long last, the full gatefold cover of Supergirl #19 has been revealed over on MTV Geek. Here is the link:

And the new solicit is brief:

Supergirl #19
In a battle of equals, which girl will reign supreme?

It is a nice piece of art. Supergirl squaring off against Power Girl, Lex, and the unnamed brute working for Lex (I still think it is General Eiling). Asrar shines.

But the content??

Haven't we seen Supergirl fighting Power Girl a billion times already. It, unfortunately, harkens back to the earliest issues of the Loeb/Churchill book and the tenor of the series then. Remember that isolated angry Supergirl? I guess we are going to see it again. Sigh. It is funny but I complimented to cover of Supergirl #20 because it didn't show Power Girl fighting Supergirl.

My only hope is that somehow this is happening inside Kara's mind. I mean Lex looks like he is flying. Rocks are floating like a Dragon Ball Z episode.

But Power Girl vs. Supergirl?? Again?

Hopefully this is brief. Hopefully Nelson means it when he says Supergirl wants to be happy.


valerie21601 said...

I have to admit for a long time I had been worried #19 would have Dark Supergirl on the cover and in the story.

Knock on a piece of plastic Kryptonite we won't see Dark Supergirl in our lifetime.

Anonymous said...

PG v SG is akin to Marvel's Annual Ben Grimm versus The Incredible Hulk slugfests...they do this to entice new readers to the Supergirl title...but I agree with our host it is a shopworn idea to put it mildly.


Jay said...

As someone who avoided a LOT of the post-crisis incarnation of Kara-Zor El (and rightfully so in retrospect), and the pre-Crisis Kara being before my time, I actually have little experience with Supergirl and Power Girl interactions. So I'm greatly anticipating this. That and the chance for someone other than Levitz to write PG.

Anj said...

Thanks for all the comments.

I just think ... for once ... it would have been cool to open the gatefold and find Power Girl fighting with Supergirl rather than against her.

We'll see how the story pans out.

Saranga said...

Oh gods that art of Kara is awful. A true escher girl. Her chest is facing one direction, her head, stomach, groin and legs another.

I want Mahmud Asrar back.