Thursday, December 13, 2012

December of Despero Blog Cross-Over: Supergirl by Joshua Flower

This is the Holiday season, the time for family and friends to come together and celebrate with each other.

And what better way to embrace that seasonal good will than to have a comics blog crossover.

Blog friend and comic 'brother from another mother' Diabolu Frank, of the spectacular Idol Head of Diabolu Martian Manhunter blog, is celebrating the December of Despero, and included in that is showcasing great Despero art as well as other commissions from those artists.

Today, in the spirit of the season, other blogs have decided to crossover in the celebration.

And so I present this Supergirl piece from Joshua Flower, found on his DeviantArt account here:

And here are some more Flower pieces on Frank's other sites:
2008 JLA vs. Brainiac color art by Joshua Flower & Jon Hughes over on the Idol Head blog:

A 2010 Wonder Woman Sketch Card art by Joshua Flower on the New Wonder Woman blog:

As well as Shag and his fabulous Firestorm Fan site where there is a Despero sighting!

As for me, I hope that this tradition of the December of Despero crossover continues into next year. After all, Despero was the first villain to experience the power of Supergirl's angelic flame wings in Peter David's Supergirl. An angel getting her wings in the Christmas season while fighting Despero?

Sounds like a Diabolu Frank Capra mash-up!!

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Diabolu Frank said...

Aside from that hemline, I like the pouty, questing Supergirl here. Heck, in all honesty, I like the hemline, too.

You have officially left a glass of Kalinorian wine on the table, and I say "Next year... in Leesville... a Despero crossover." Just remind me on October 13th, 2013 so I can get my half done by December!