Thursday, June 28, 2012

Secret Files And Origins Blog Crossover: Supergirl 2004

Welcome to another blog crossover among friends where character pages from DC Secret Files and Origin issues are shared. These 'files' are a sort of nouveau Who's Who pages tucked between the stories of these oversized issues. I recently stumbled across this Michael Turner Supergirl page.

Earlier this month I went to the Granite State Comic Con and really got elbow deep into the dollar boxes, walking away with a ton of stuff cheap. One of the things I got, on a whim and without flipping through, was the Superman Secret Files and Origins 2004 issue. I can't pass up high-page count books at a low price!

(For me, one of the joys of going to comic book conventions is thumbing through all of the $1 boxes trying to find some diamond in the rough or some unknown gem amidst the detritus. It also allows me to sample titles I passed on earlier at a cut price.)

The convention gods have shined on me in the past when it came to Supergirl. Sometimes it seemed that at random I would pull out a Batman Chronicles or Adventure Comics 80pg Giant or Four Star Spectacular that happened to include a Supergirl story. Is there a greater force at work here?

Anyways, what was in the back of that book? A Supergirl Secret Files page sporting Michael Turner art. This was basically right around the time the Supergirl story arc finished in Superman/Batman so it is pretty sparse on facts. And while I am not the biggest Turner fan, there is no denying his vision was crucial to the inception of the last Kara.

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And here is the cover of the Superman Secret Files and Origins 2004 issue for anyone interested in hunting it down.



Diabolu Frank said...

Turner had a gift for bringing Barbie to comic book life, and though a bit of a bim, his Supergirl seemed to rally a whole new round of fans around the character.


Great post! My comic shop does a lot of dollar bundlles if miniseries and old DC books, love it !