Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sneak Peek At New Villains

Over at the Idle Hands blogspot, they have posted a preview page of upcoming characters that will appear in the DCnU. Here is the link to that post:

My guess is this page will be in the books released tomorrow so I can ogle it up close. But even in this small picture a couple of things stood out. First off, it looks like there will be some evil doppelgangers of Blue Beetle and Captain Atom soon.

But most importantly, it showed us some upcoming villains for the Supergirl book (assuming that characters drawn by Mahmud Asrar aren't going to appear somewhere else).

First off, this has to be the new Silver Banshee. And I have to say I like this design a lot. One, it has enough elements of the 'old' Banshee, that she is immediately recognizable. But the short hair adds a new element, makes her feel a little harsher in general.

But the best thing is that her mouth seems to be either covered or hidden in shadows. That means that her greatest power is somehow hidden. More importantly, it probably gives Mahmud Asrar some liberty in drawing her mouth when she does her banshee scream. I bet that it will be some sort of Venom-esque huge mouth with crazy fangs. By being able to manipulate that aspect of the character, visually we will probably get a better sense of the power of her scream.

But wait ... there's more!

We get to see a little more of 2 of the World Killers that are coming in Supergirl #7.

This is definitely one of them, as seen on the big screen TV on the right of the cover of SG #7.

This may be the World Killer on the center television on the cover, although she doesn't seem to have that facial structure in this picture. So this may be another new villain.

Can't wait to see these characters in stories, especially Banshee. As I have said before, I am glad that she has settled into being a Supergirl rogue.


Martin Gray said...

I like Silver Banshee's new gob design, but I shall miss the fright hair - perhaps it'll grow when she screams!

Saranga said...

That's a great banshee redesign!
(o course, I'd have preferred the old one to be kept, but if it's gotta be redesigned, that's pretty sharp).