Friday, January 13, 2012

New DC Titles - World's Finest; DC Cancellations

Just a couple of days ago when I was reviewing sales, I wondered when the news of the next wave of DC titles would be coming out. I didn't have to wait long. Over on USA today, Bob Harras revealed news of the next titles DC would be launching. Here is the link:

For me, the most interesting reveal was a World's Finest comic starring Huntress and Power Girl.

Here is a blurb about the title:
while Huntress and Power Girl are stranded on our world and want to return to theirs in Worlds' Finest, written by Paul Levitz with art by George Perez and Kevin Maguire in rotating story arcs. "What does that mean to be exiles from that Earth 2?" Harras says. "We thought it'd be a nice thing to bring this concept back and to really, as we did with the 52 initially, reconcieve it and freshen it up."

So, as a Huntress fan and a Power Girl fan, I am going to be in for this title. Add to that art by two of my favorites, Perez and Maguire, and I will definitely be in. I have liked the current Huntress mini-series so hopefully Paul Levitz can continue the momentum he is building there.

Now you know what I would have really loved? A World's Finest book with rotating Superman/Batman family members. Supergirl/Damien? Superboy/Batwoman? Batwing/Steel? All sounds good to me and could keep the title fresh. I have talked many many times here about the next World's Finest and who it should be. I had hoped Supergirl would be one of the members.

The other titles include Batman Inc. by Morrison (I'm in), Earth 2/JSA by James Robinson and Nicola Scott (I'm in), Dial H (probably not), Ravagers (probably out) and GI Combat (probably out).

In reviewing sales, I also wondered when the first cancellations would be announced. I didn't have to wait long for that either. Here is that quote:

to keep the line of books at a tight 52, six series launched in September are ending with their eighth issues: Men of War, Mister Terrific, O.M.A.C., Hawk and Dove, Blackhawks and Static Shock.

I don't know if replacing two failing war books with one new war book makes sense. I am sad to see Hawk and Dove go, mostly because I bet Sterling Gates had great ideas for that book long term.

Wow ... never a dull moment in the DCnU!


Martin Gray said...

It's really pretty poor that Sterling seems to be vanishing from the New 52.

Then again, the way things have been going, he could be lined up as a replacement for some unsuspecting writer on an existing title. Come on Marvel, grab him!

Anj said...

Yeah, I don't get why drop Gates who was building something on H&D. And why drop him if you were cancelling in 2 issues?

Kandou Erik said...

I've been reading and enjoying OMAC - but it's actually a title I'm not upset to see canceled. I guess it's a combination of inevitability and a need on my part to cancel books off my pull list.

The last issue of Men of War, though, looks like it's going to be a cool issue - featuring Frankenstein during WWII. (DC is slowly, but surely, breaking their "Superheroes only started five years ago" rule)

As for the Huntress/Powergirl series? ....I just have no interest. I've never disliked that duo - but reading a regular series about them just sounds painful to me for some reason. Maybe it's just because of the inherent disconnect it will have from the other DCU books.

And as for Earth 2? Not calling it the JSA, huh? I suppose DC doesn't want to split focus on the Justice League -- I can understand that. And while I was initially thinking it would be cool to see an Earth-2 type scenario emerge for the team - I'm suddenly remembering why DC got rid of Multiple Earths to begin with.

I suppose I want to read stories with substance - and removed from a different universe just immediately screams "you don't have to care about this". I would had liked it better if it involved a cross-over with the Justice League -- something to make it feel relevant.

Eh, I'm being overly harsh though. We'll just have to see what they reveal in the coming months.

I'm glad Frankenstein passed muster, though. Coming off of the incredible high of reading Seven Soldiers - seeing essentially a similar set-up Morrison was suggesting for a Frankenstein series become a reality has been great.