Thursday, October 20, 2011

More NYCC News

I have finally got around to reading all the NYCC coverage that I wanted too. It seems such a massive media blitz that I wonder if I would be overwhelmed if I was there in person, running around trying to get commissions, meet creators, and attend panels.

Still, I hold out hope that I will be able to attend next year as a bunch of comic friends and heroes were in attendance. Here are a couple more nuggets of information that struck me. As always, links provided so you can read the whole posts (which I always recommend).

Bleeding Cool has a great rapid fire post about some NYCC news here:

This one stuck out brightly.

27. There will be an all-ages Green Lantern comic tied in to the animated series. And there wil be a Super Best Friends Forever comic to tie in with the DC Nation short. 

So I was excited to hear about the Supergirl/Super BFF shorts coming to the DC Nation Cartoon Network block this spring. I am glad they are cross-promoting in comics and I am sure I will be picking this book up for the younger supergirls at home.

Still, it begs the question, can't we get another Supergirl all ages book? Cosmic Adventures in the 9th Grade?

Other blurbs caught my eye here too.

More news about George Perez leaving Superman (as well as a couple of interviews with the Jurgens/Giffen team) has come out at the NYCC. Here is a link from Newsarama which talked about Perez leaving the book:

"George is going to be moving on to do some penciling work at this point," Jurgens told Newsarama during New York Comic Con. "And it looks like Jesus Merino, who's currently inking the Superman book, will be staying on to work with us. That's how it's looking right now."

Although some fans have theorized that Pérez was asked to leave the title, Superman editor Matt Idelson implied that Perez ran out of steam after his first six issues were finished. "Sometimes there's enough gas in the tank and sometimes there's not," he said of the creator's exit. 

Idelson said that once Pérez got Superman off to a strong start, he wanted to move on to something else. 

Jesus Merino (his JSA #40 cover is seen above) has a murky, scratchy style which might not work in a Superman book long term. Of course, this book sounds like it is mining murky storylines so it might fit the mood. But Perez not having enough in the tank? I think everyone wondered and worried about that. Heck, even I wondered about it way back in June when he was only rumored to be on the book. This is what I said back then.

I have great faith in Perez. I loved his complete revamp of Wonder Woman back in 1987. And his art work is classic. But can Perez handle the workload? I remember the delays with Final Crisis:Legion of Three Worlds. Can he write and draw the book?

Anyways, I hope Perez is right that the first issues start the book of strongly. But I wonder if it will simple pale in comparison to Morrison's Action.

Lastly, I loved this piece about Hawk and Dove and the Young Justice panel. Here is the Newsarama link which covered the whole panel:

Swan is a 14-year-old girl who killed another avatar to get her powers, Liefeld said.

"They're really great characters by themselves, but wait till you see more of who they are and where their powers come from," Gates said. "No one got into why they were chosen... they have a very specific reason for being part of the New 52 and the DC Universe where it is now."

Dawn's relationship with Don Hall, Hawk's brother and former partner, will be explored in Issue #7.

I am telling you, when the girl became Swan by killing Osprey, it opened up a huge can of possible worms about the Dawn/Don relationship and how Dove became Dove. I am glad that Gates is going to explore that background and the nature of the avatars. And I can't wait for #7.


Gene said...

I am thrilled about the Super Best Friends comic tie in, but I fail to see why we can't have Cosmic Adventures in the Ninth Grade too.

I'm sure DC got the message this past summer after all the letters and email they got after we saw the concept art online. They might say they do not want to confuse fans with two all ages Supergirl titles, but that argument does not hold water when one counts the number of Batman books DC publishes each month.


Martin Gray said...

I agree, more kids stuff would be great. I find it hilarious that Tiny Titans, at 45 issues and counting, has beaten several 'serious' Titans launches.