Thursday, October 27, 2011

Montage From Supergirl #3 By Mahmud Asrar And Bill Reinhold

A montage of panels from Supergirl #3 has been released on inker Bill Reinhold's Deviant Art page here:

Reinhold inked the issue. Starting with Supergirl #4, Mahmud Asrar will be both penciling and inking.

So let the speculation about these shots begin!

First off, I am glad that Superman and Supergirl aren't punching each other in the top left panel. I suppose the panel shows a 'bleed' of Kara remembering what happened on Krypton, thus the half cityscape background behind her.

And I will go out on a limb and say the concerned face in the lower left is Zor-El and not the bad guy Supergirl ends up facing. The art continues to look slick with nice close-ups of Supergirl showing anger, worry, and contemplation.


Nikki said...

Much better than the heavy inking of the last one and a half issues

Jason said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice art. I wonder how long they are gonna tease out the whole "Supergirl is alone, confused, frightened and angry" meme?


Anonymous said...

Where Argo City?

valerie21601 said...

Stuck in Quasi-Space? Just like the Argo City in Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade?

Anonymous said...

Guys!!! look Argo City history in video of youtube, Copy the link: