Saturday, August 27, 2011

Supergirl Bullet Points

With six books coming out this week to review, there are a couple of small releases and topics I wanted to at least touch on.

First off, as part of a Twitter-storm of info, DC has been releasing splash pages from all the upcoming relaunches including this one from Supergirl. We have seen this page before but not fully colored.

I am pretty amazed at how I have already come to accept the boots, even thinking them interesting visually now. Still, the corners on the bottom seam as you transition from red to blue is still jarring, not sleek or aesthetic, and really the part of the costume I hope will be changed. I'd even be fine with the weird coloration if there was a simple single line/seam.

Another part of the publicity whirlwind has been the release of 'new villain' images. Over on his blog, Mahmud Asrar posted this head shot and linked it on Twitter with the newvillains hashtag. So this looks like someone we'll be seeing in the Supergirl book. Supergirl certainly has been fighting a lot of robots and mecha-suits lately. I wonder if this villain is responsible for the missing Kryptonian ship, maybe trying to assimilate/absorb the technology?

Finally, independent artists have been coming up with their own DC relaunches on a site called DC Fifty-too. This was one of the more recent additions by Mike Maihack. Here is the link:

And here is his pitch:
Can the same blonde-haired, wonder teen from Metropolis who helped Barbara Gordon finally put an end to Killer Moth's week-long crime spree also be the new popular transfer student at Gotham High? Good thing they have superheroics in common because Babs' and Kara Zor-El's student lives are about to clash."

That's a rough tagline for a book that shouldn't come as any big surprise for those who have followed me online for longer than a week. I would take a more all-ages approach to the series, placing Babs and Kara in high school who, despite some social differences, eventually become best friends. That's when I would introduce an idolizing fourteen-year-old Mary Marvel to annoy the heck out of them.

So as much as I think this looks like a great comic, and certainly one I would read with the kids, I think I still would rather see the next all-ages Supergirl book be Cosmic Adventures in the Ninth Grade. Now if there was room for 2 all-ages Supergirl books, let's have this one too! The addition of Mary Marvel is a great idea.

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Heath Edwards said...

:) i do think supergirl could sustain all three books, anj :)