Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Batgirl Supergirl Web Comic

I know I am probably the last to be posting about this story but Johnny Zito and Tony Troy of South Fellini have posted an 8 page web-comic featuring a team up of the Steph Brown Batgirl and the Kara Zor-El Supergirl. Art is done by Aluisio Cervelle Santos.

You can read a bit more about it over on CBR's Robot 6:

But I thought this blurb was worth repeating (again from Robot 6): “‘World’s Finest’ is a love letter to the ol’ DCU and two of our favorite characters,” they wrote in a press release. “Reboots happen, we’re OK with that, but Stephanie Brown and Kara Zor-El were pretty cool and we wish we had more time with them.”

The truth is those two characters were like peanut butter and jelly. Every time they teamed up it was a great read. And they seemed so natural as friends. So I have to thank the team for letting me get one more peek at the two.

Here is the link to the comic itself:

But I couldn't help but post a couple of panels.

In the story, a crazed man, Professor Pennypacker, plans to sacrifice the mayor's son in order to magically resurrect his wife in a robot form. Steph and Kara burst in to stop the plan. They are able to whisk the mayor's son out of the way.

In a nice twist, the man is so distraught that his wife is dead that he stabs himself in the gut, killing/sacrificing himself, and resurrecting her.

Vitalized by magic, the robot is able to stand toe to toe with Supergirl.

Batgirl has a plan though. She medically resuscitates the Professor. With him alive, the robot/wife dies again.

The dialogue here at the end is interesting. I didn't think Steph was this dark. If anything Supergirl could have said the grimmer lines Batgirl says here. But both girls have been through enough emotional trauma to be both optimistic and pessimistic about love.

I thought the artwork here, thick lined, chunky, stylized worked well with the story. And I love that Supergirl was in the Matrix-style red skirt.

It is a shame that, at least for the time being, we won't see the Kara and Steph World's Finest. And so I have to thank the folks at South Fellini for giving us one last little story of the two working together to stop the bad guys.

Will we see this sort of Supergirl in the DCnU? Will we ever see Steph again? It's only the end if you want it to be.


Anonymous said...

As I've mentioned before, I've never been a big fan of Batgirl and Supergirl team ups. Once again, Supergirl gets smacked around by the robot-- let's face it, she didn't land a punch, got beat around pretty good and just before Batgirl, as always, saves the day, the robot appears to be standing over a defeated Supergirl ready to finish the job.

Somehow, the human Batgirl's batarangs and kicks are effective and she can dodge every shot, but Supergirl, with all of her powers, gets clobbered and can't do any damage. The "smarter" Batgirl has the plan and saves the day. Supergirl is just there as the punching bag to make the bad guys look tougher and Batgirl look better.

It is the same formula every time-- both in the animated show and in the comics. Batgirl dodges everything and does all the effective fighting. Supergirl just gets beaten up. I'd like to see them together where Supergirl's obvious giant advantage in power level actually shows up and she actually saves Batgirl.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see them together where Supergirl's obvious giant advantage in power level actually shows up and she actually saves Batgirl.

They did. It was called "World's Finest"# 3, Written by Sterling Gates and Drawn by Jamal Igle.
Though somehow I'm not surprised you didn't read it.

valerie21601 said...

How little does Didio care about alienating current comic book fan base?

IN Didio's own words, he's already lost us.

“The truth is people are leaving anyway, they’re just doing it quietly, and we have been papering it over with increased prices,” DiDio said. “We didn’t want to wake up one day and find we had a bunch of $20 books that 10,000 people are buying.”

Here is the direct link to the article.

Gear said...

Well, I'll play the happy-go-lucky Piglet role here and say I liked it! Of course that's easy for me to say, I like Kara/Steph team-ups just because.

That was Steph, wasn't it? It's her Batgirl costume, but she was rather grim and downbeat for Steph, particularly at the end with the "No such thing as a happy ending" comment. That was almost 180 degrees from her usual personality and how her title ended this month. But she still gets a hug from Kara! Cheer up Steph, maybe you're hanging around Damian too much.

valerie21601 said...

I read the World's Finest web comic, I agree with Anj, the story is very good.

From what I have seen and read many writers/artists are directly or indirectly taking their own jabs about the upcoming DCnU in their last DCU stories.

Anj said...

It is probably a difficult task to write a Superman/Batman story or a Supergirl/Batgirl story. With vastly different power bases, to have a threat to both of them is tricky.

But to be honest, it is the interaction of the characters that I enjoy, usually very different outlooks on life.

It doesn't sound Steph-like at the end. But as I said, both SG and BG have dark places that might boil to the surface now and then.

But, as we saw in World's Finest #3, Batgirl #14, and Batgirl #23 ... these two versions of the characters just clicked. And I am sad we won't see them again.

Anonymous said...

Insaw this when it first popped up. I think it's pretty fantastic.-ealperin

Anonymous said...

Edit: I saw this when it first popped up. I think it's pretty fantastic.-ealperin

Anonymous said...

Well, Superman gets jobbed out to the Batgod all the time, so alas and alack that dynamic sometimes gets exported to the Batgirl Supergirl team.
But fear not, the all new improved Alienated Girl of Steel will no doubt eschew any productive team ups with similar legacy characters.
Problem solved

John Feer

Anonymous said...

I just re-read those last two panels and realized that they could be taken as Batgirl and Supergirl talking about their own friendship in the reboot.