Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Original Supergirl #62 Cover? Editted

Kicking around the internet, I found this piece by Amy Reeder under a solicit for last month's Supergirl #62. I hadn't seen this version before. And unfortunately, I only found it once, on an EBay sale, so it is a small image, sorry. {Edited to include better copy. Thanks so much to Amy Reeder for sharing!}

This is just a great picture of the younger generation of the DCU, surrounding Supergirl. I especially like Kara and Steph. It's clear they are good friends, Steph hanging onto Supergirl and flashing the 'V for victory'. There is a little irreverence there to, fitting this group. Amy Reeder does such great work.

Maybe ... just maybe ... there is a slight riff on Kevin Maguire's classic Justice League #1 cover. The white background, the down point of view gives it that vibe. Even Blue Beetle and Miss Martian are in similar spots as their older mentors.

This cover was probably scrapped during the 'Spencer out, Peaty in' transition. We have heard that Batgirl was removed from the original storyline. And we haven't seen Static or the Iris West Impulse here either.

And where is the art for this cover? I would buy this as a print or t-shirt.

This is the second Reeder cover solicit pulled when the arc was altered.

Here is another great cover, the 'original' Supergirl #61, that is probably gathering dust. Of course, I am partial to Batgirl/Supergirl team-ups.

Of course, this is in no way meant to disparage the excellent cover for Supergirl #62 by Mahmud Asrar.  Someone here thought this would be the cover of the eventual trade of this arc and I agree. It captures the feel of this storyline perfectly.

Still, what I am assuming was the original cover for Supergirl #62 by Amy Reeder is beautiful. It's a shame that that image can't be used elsewhere.


Gear said...

That's really nice! I'd pay for a print of that, I'm a pushover for Supergirl and Batgirl adventures, and that drawing really emphasizes how close they are. Everyone shows a lot of personality and character. Gives me a big “what if” about what could have been.

mathematicscore said...

I second all of this. Great cover!
I like how Reeder gives Miss Martian a bit more of a pronounced brow, more in keeping with her progenitor.

Anonymous said...

That would make a great poster. Instead of flashing the "V" sign, it would have been neat if Batgirl was holding up a digital camera to take a picture of themselves.


Anonymous said...

Have you asked Amy for the original image? If she's allowed I'm sure she'll upload it to her facebook.

Anonymous said...

All right, now that I can see the bigger version, WHO is that cute little girl in the Flash uniform holding on to Kara's wrist? Darn it, now I really want to know more about this story.

Nikki said...

Iris West, Wally's daughter, the new Impulse