Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Upcoming Covers and Variants

I know these are sort of old news, but a while back, a couple of upcoming covers were posted on the DC Source blog. Here is the link: http://dcu.blog.dccomics.com/2010/09/28/a-few-variant-covers-for-tuesday-2/

First up is the Mark Bagley variant of Justice League of America #50. I really think it is great and a nice homage.

It really is a rethinking of the cover of JLA:Earth 2, the great one shot by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. It is interesting that all three of the Trinity on the original cover have been replaced by Donna, Dick, and Kara. That is a nice cover and a nice take on the 'replacement' JLA. Sort of legitimizes them.

I loved Earth 2, so reminding me of it is a good thing.

And then we got to see the George Perez covers of DC Legacies #5-6 put next to each other. As someone who lived through the Crisis when it first came out, I love this piece. It is a quintessential Perez masterpiece, lots of characters everywhere with the threat of the Anti-Monitor on the horizon.

But a closer look shows us the original Supergirl again. We saw her in that one panel in Legacies #5. Now we see her on the cover!

Again, I am unclear on how to take this appearance. Do people 'remember' that Supergirl? Or is this Perez having fun? Or is this just a look back on the heroes that were in that book regardless of current status?

And I am sure that I am going to suffer some slings and arrows here but I freely admit that I really didn't love The Sandman. I know ... it's blasphemy!

But I do like this variant for Action Comics #894 by P. Craig Russell showing Lex and Death. Russell drew Sandman #50, the stand-alone Ramadan issue which was one of my favorite issues in the book.

I will probably see how much the JLA variant is and might pick it up.

Now if only we could get a glimpse of the Amanda Conner upcoming Supergirl variant.

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TalOs said...

I would simply die if i saw Conner's 75th anniversary variant! :-D