Monday, October 18, 2010

Supergirl #60 ... Is That A Pink S-Shield?

I planned on posting a review for Superman #703 here this morning but sometimes things stick in my craw so much that I need to shelve plans and post something more impromptu. So if this post comes close to being a rant, I apologize.

I went to Newsarama to see the latest announced DC solicits for January and saw the above cover for Supergirl #60. Now I will review the solicits as I usually do when they all are announced but I have to comment on this cover and how basically annoyed I am. Is that really a pink S-shield? Really?? I don't know how to rationalize this decision.

January will be a 'character driven' cover month for DC books. Here is what Alex Segura said on the DC Source:

But it’s not just about iconic poses. As you can see, each title gets a unique and yet familiar logo treatment that brings the focus on the characters and stars of their respective books. New year. New beginnings. New focus.

The thing that bothers me is that Supergirl wears the standard red and yellow S-shield. She has just gone through a cathartic storyline where she has redefined herself, found herself worthy to act as Supergirl, felt worthy of wearing that shield. So why not have her stand before the standard S-shield! Why make is pink? Isn't she worthy of it by now?

Now I suppose that an argument can be made that DC wanted each logo to be unique and that they didn't want two of the same symbols. After all, each Bat-book has a slightly different version. 

But that doesn't explain this ... two Legion logos that are the same (LSH #9 and Adventure #522). Nothing unique there.

Maybe they could have made the red and yellow more muted ... or more pastel ... or just keep it the same. But the choice of pink seems wrong.

Now it is important to know that I don't mind pink S-shields on birthday party invitations or children's clothing or school supplies. My hope there is that those things will lead people to the character and to the book. And I don't even mind pink S-shields on adult t-shirts as that is a matter of fashion choices. 

But once you get to the book, it should be the classic red and yellow shield. I mean Steel and Superboy are positioned in front of the shields they wear ... not in front of teal or fuchsia versions of the S-shield. Doesn't Supergirl deserve to be before the symbol she wears?

On an important related note, I have nothing but praise for Amy Reeder's Supergirl on the cover. There is a nice sense of grace there


Nikki said...

The excuse is that...she's a girl. No matter that Connor's a boy and doesn't get a blue S Shield. She's a girl and girls are genetically encoded to like pink [/sarcasm]

It couldn't be red and white, NO! It couldn't be red and blue! Never! They couldn't invert the yellow and red! Madness! It has to be candyfloss pink. Because it will go with readers' Barbie dream car.

Nikki said...

Oh and look at the announcement on the DC source? See the comments, someone saw this coming a mile off.

Diabolu Frank said...

Honestly? I don't mind this a bit. Supergirl has always chased contemporary fashion, and you immediately connect the pink to her when you see it. It didn't matter before if Superboy was recognizable as separate from his adult self, but now that it's a different character entirely, he should have his own shield as well. Maybe he can adopt the Smallville shield, or a variation on the red and black? Point being, I'm all for a pink and powder blue Supergirl to enforce her own brand identity. I've long thought that was the way to go.

Saranga said...


God no. I have nothing against the colour pink as a colour. I'm not too keen on it, but i get that others like it. But. the ONLY reason they've done this is cos she's superGIRL. And pink means girl. and girl means pink. and apparently you need to distinguish between the boys and the girls, because, what? girls liking the same stuff boys do will poison it for the boys?



Saranga said...

but kara hasn't worn pink since the disco issue. she may be girly, she may like fashion, but she doesn't wear powdery colours. her costume is still red, yellow and blue. so why change the logo?

it's horrible.

Nikki said...

Every fahsion lover knows pink isn't in season. Its all about the crimson and tan.

Nikki said...

I Fixed it! I feel better already

TalOs said...

O_O Oh for the love of! *Shakes head in utter disgust* This is just all together stupid! Not only is it backwards thinking on their behalf (i'm sorry, thought we were in 2010 and not 1950's here DC?) but going by THEIR logic in having given her a pink S shield (so as to apparently NOT have her be confused with Superman) be also meaning that they'll be officially altering her overall costume color scheme to that of 'pretty pink' too? *rolls eyes* Pathetic DC.

ealperin said...
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ealperin said...

Geez, doesn't DC ever learn?

Gender roles aren't going to work in our society: assigning baby pink for girls and baby blue for boys?

We've changed...somewhat....Or at least I did.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why is such a big deal.. they already sell the pink logo to denote supergirl.. so it's just an extension of it... Why is it so wrong?

Anj said...

Thanks for all the comments and for (mostly) sharing my frustrations.

The thing is ... it simply isn't her symbol and it never has been. She has proven herself worthy of wearing the standard, she should be in front of it.

It really is annoying and it is 1950s thinking.

Mart said...

Oh, the pink is terrific. Could we have glitter, too? And fringing? Perhaps an 'I love kitties' button?

Nikki, brilliant work!

Adam Smasher said...

Has DC issued a statement? When I first saw that I thought it was for breast cancer awareness (ala the NFL all wearing pink in their unis this year)

Anonymous said...

I'm more offended by that god awful art than the pink S Shield.

Anonymous said...

I wore a pink ribbon last week to signal my disdain for breast cancer...whats da problem with pink?
It tends to get associated with charitable causes these days less so any stiffling gender role symbolism.
And if anyone can make pink a "color of strength" its a girl who can bend steel in her dainty little hands.

Just sayin' thass all

John Feer

Gene said...

The pink "S" really doesn't bother me, but if I had a choice between that or Nikki's modified "S" shield, I'd pick the later faster than a speeding bullet.

Anj said...

I still think the cover would work so much better with the standard red/yellow shield.

While pink super-shields are seen everywhere and while pink is associated with charitable causes, it isn't really associated with the Kara Supergirl.

If it isn't a big deal, put it on the Superboy cover.