Thursday, August 26, 2010

Review: Tiny Titans #31

How could I not review Tiny Titans #31, the 'All Super' issue.

Much of this issue was in the FCBD 2010 DC Kids Sampler so some of these panels might look familiar. That said, there is so much DC history bubbling under the surface of this kid's book, that I eat up like cotton candy.

Like last month's Super Friends, this issue is on nice glossy paper. Are all the DC Kids books getting this upgrade?

The majority of the book revolves around a birthday party for Superboy's imperfect clone Match. The party is attended by the super-family and is being held in the Fortress of Solitude.

I showed this panel before but look at how distressed Supergirl is at the cake being frozen. That panel is too precious. But it is nothing a little heat vision can't fix.

Of course, Lex Luthor is half-'father' to Match just as he is Superboy. So Lex shows up.

It was a little difficult to explain this to the Supergirl's at home. As I have said before, Tiny Titans allows me to start discussing bigger DC issues to them, easing them into continuity issues. So they get that Trigon is Raven;s dad. And they get that Deathstroke is a bad guy. But a half-DNA genetic father ... a little trickier.

Anyways, funny that Superboy acknowledges that he has also struggled with his genetic make-up as well.

Meanwhile, the 'Brainiac Club' which includes some of the Tiny Titans heads to the North Pole for some experiments.

When Supergirl runs into them, she invites them all into the Fortress for hot cocoa and cake.

Tiny Titans universe  is such a fun little place. A school bus with intergalactic villains? No need to fight! Let's all go to a birthday party instead.

Superboy recognizes them as the potential threat they are, especially since just about every version of Brainiac is present.

But when he is questioned as to why they can't be in the Fortress, he can only say that they do 'weird things'.

I sort of like how Supergirl thinks the best of them rather than jumping to conclusions.

The party unravels when Match thinks Psimon is a snow cone. I don't get to say something like that too often in comic reviews.

But I love how Supergirl wishes she had a Bizarro clone. That has to be a nod at the current story arc!

This issue kept getting better though. The Legion of Super-heroes shows up to pick up Brainiac 5. There is an emergency in the future and they need to leave right away.

Brainy looks pretty cool as he explains the conundrums of time travel. Why rush ... that emergency hasn't happened yet. Why not relax since the time bubble can drop them whenever they want.

But it was truly spectacular to see the 'Little Legion' along with the 'Tiny Titans'. Even here, Lightning Lad need to lighten up.

I had just written about how I am continually surprised at how much the Donner look of Superman is reflected in comics.

In a hilarious ending story, Beppo summons a Brando-esque Jor-El. Jor-El thinks Beppo might be Kal. Beppo answers all the questions with eeps and ooks. Jor-El doesn't know how to respond. Luckily, the mirror Phantom Zone villains are there to explain things away.

As always, this comic was a silly romp ... perfect for the supergirls at home but with enough inside jokes to keep me smiling along the way. I am always happy when I am done with this book.

Overall grade: A


collectededitions said...

Little Legion, the Brando Jor-El, Psimon as a snow cone ... that is too funny. Great review!

Nikki said...

Three Things:

Its nice Jor-El and I have something in common. We can't tell Kal apart from a monkey.

Considering how Tiny Titans stole the Legion of Super-pets I think its about time they came to get some face space.

I was amused at Brainy's non-sequitor. 'Are you a robot' 'I'm from the future!'. Genius.

Dene said...

I was so excited to see the Little Legion. I created a Li'l Legion a while back - right after "Tiny Titans" came out - and did them 'Art Baltazar-style.' It was nice to see that HIS actual Legion looked different from my versions (and so cute). I love this book-!

TalOs said...

Just one heck of a funny special Superman family centric issue! :-D

Anonymous said...

"Its nice Jor-El and I have something in common. We can't tell Kal apart from a monkey."

That kind of comments do NOT make you better than fans who deride Supergirl for being a "Superman with boobs", you know. In fact, spouting that kind of drivel makes you so bad as them.

Anyway, it was a very funny issue. In this universe, Supergirl is just adorable when she frets.