Saturday, August 21, 2010

Baltimore Comic-Con Wishes

Well, a week from now I will be standing in line to get into the Baltimore Comic-Con. I cannot tell you how pumped I am to be heading there. This is one of those conventions where I don't even know if I will be looking at the dealers. There are so many creators to rub elbows with.

I have posted about the primary targets I have for commissions as well as questions I hope to pose to some of the creators there.

Now I figured I would post some of the things I wish will happen although they are highly unlikely. May as well have a game plan just in case.

1) A third Jamal Igle commission:

I have never met Jamal Igle but I already have 2 commissions by him, both obtained when friends of mine went to conventions he was attending. They are both Supergirl in the Matrix style costume I prefer, although one appears older and sterner than the one posted above.

I actually am hoping to get a Linda Lang commission from him figuring that is both unique to my collection and sort of a celebration of the current run of the book.

The best scenario would be that one of the other commissions I obtain finishes relatively early so that I can give Igle one of my sketch books late Saturday or first thing Sunday.

Of all the wishes, this one probable will happen.

2) A Frank Cho commission:

This is highly unlikely as I don't think Cho does commissions. I really love his work and getting anything from him would be a coup.

I am trying to think of ways to get something ... even if it is a '3 minute sketch'. Maybe by donating to the HERO initiative or the CBLDF in his name?

This is a pipe dream ... I know.

3) A Matt Wagner commission:

I love Wagner's classical look in his art. I loved Mage. I loved Trinity. I loved his writing in Sandman Mystery Theater and Madame Xanadu. I think he is a legend in the field.

I have no idea of Wagner does commissions but at the very least it will be extremely cool to meet him.

So those are the wishes. The con is a week away and I hope to do some live blogging there!


Gene said...

Last night I just finished reading Mighty Avengers: The Ultron Initiative, and Frank Cho really knows how to draw women, especially Black Widow. So I hope you get a Supergirl commission from him Anj.

Anj said...

I thought Cho's She-Hulk in the Red Hulk issues was perfect.

My mind tells me this isn't happening ... but there is always hope!

TalOs said...

Truly wishing you all the best at Con in question, Anj! :-)