Saturday, July 10, 2010

SDCC: Supergirl Polly Pocket

One of the exclusives at the San Diego Comic Con is this set of Polly Pocket and her friends. Looks like the three are ready to go to the convention themselves.

Polly, of course, is dressed as Supergirl. Friends Lea and Lila are dressed as Batgirl and Wonder Woman respectively. As warped as this may sound, those Polly Pockets look pretty cool.

While the set is an exclusive at the con, I think the plan is for Mattel to release it for retail sale shortly thereafter. I like the sliding box it comes in.

I think these are completely cool and plan to get a set for the supergirls at home as well as a set for me. That Polly has to go in the shrine.

Belated hat tip to blog friend Gene who told me about these way back in April.


valerie21601 said...

I remember hearing in an interview earlier this year that for the next year or two. DC Comics is really going to promote Kara a great deal and try to bring her to the forefront with the other major DC characters, like Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and of course Superman. It looks like it's coming true.

Nikki said...

I should hope so Val, they can't survive on Wonder woman alone. WW, Supergirl, Batgirl, Zatanna and Birds of Prey need to be carefully handled.

All too often in the Supergirl brand 'pink Superman'. I have got some great Supergirl T-Shirts in the UK that are actually Supergirl from Sugar Daddy and Junk Food. We saw all the clothes deals publicised and women were left out. Supergirl is for girls, I'm sorry but at 22 I don't feel like a Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is my mother.

Did you see the blurb on 'Supergirl might not be as strong as Superman, but as Superman’s younger cousin she’s got plenty of attitude and style. She’s the new kid on the planet with extraordinary strength and skill. Cool, hip and totally independent…Supergirl’s here to make things better for Earth girls.' There goes the pretense of female empowerment. Sure, she's not as good as Superman but she dresses well. oy!

The brand needs careful attention to avoid that crap.

Gene said...

They seem to be promoting Supergirl in her movie/Matrix outfit lately. I wonder if they are trying to make it her iconic costume?

Anonymous said...

Reply to Gene:
I really hope so maybe then the DC offices will think of updating the current Supergirl's uniform to a more Matrix-Style uniform.

It would have been so cool if these had come out when i use to play with Polly Pockets. I use to buy every single Polly set i could get my hands on! Oh well i'm still collecting these.

TalOs said...

Dawww, how truly adorable, heh.

One can only hope Kara along with her now seeming shorter length blonde hair-doo will be given her '84 movie's more fan fave Supergirl costume look going a head in the 21st Century, Gene. :-)