Tuesday, July 27, 2010

San Diego Comic Con Wrap-Up

Every year, in the days before the San Diego Comic Con, I bemoan the fact that I don't think I will ever be able to go.

And every year, when San Diego Comic Con ends, I can't believe I ever want to go. It seems so bloated. And it seems like comics are an afterthought. Sure there seems to be a lot of comics news, judging by the panels and news reported everywhere. But my guess is if I was there I would feel claustrophobic and frustrated.

While there was a lot of great stuff reported there, including movie teasers, I figured I would post some pertinent stuff for this blog.

This is from the Superman panel:

In regards to "Supergirl," writer Gates said that "Bizarro Girl has just come to Metropolis and Supergirl and she have a pretty massive fight and then we go to Bizarro World. It's not a nice place. Supergirl will grapple with some of the issues she's having coming out o fthe War of the Supermen." The writer added "It's Supergirl fighting her dark, twisted, mirrored self. It's a different story, especially coming off the New Kryton stuff."

There wasn't much Supergirl coverage in that panel. "Grounded" seemed to dominate the discussion.

From the DC Nation panel:
Of upcoming Brave and the Bold team-ups, JMS said we'll see the Phantom Stranger and Supergirl, plus Jor-El and Pa Kent. (Not joking, it seems.)

A Phantom Stranger/Supergirl Brave and Bold issue certainly has potential. Hopefully, JMS won't go back in time and have the Stranger dealing with a more Kelly-era Supergirl. (Remember the Marv Wolfman Raven/Supergirl issues which used the 'mad Zor-El' just when Gates/Igle were moving things away from that?)

This was a nice little news item from the Eisner Awards coverage:

The 2010 Bill Finger Award goes to the late Otto Binder and Gary Friedrich in recognition for their achievements as writers in the medium. Otto Binder created the Bottled City of Kandor and Supergirl and he told some of the first Bizarro stories. Gary Friedrich was a part of the legendary Marvel Bullpen of the 60s and he created Ghost Rider.

Glad to see Otto Binder, Supergirl's creator, get recognized.

This was news is from the DC Nation panel and sure will thrill the Smallville fans:

Nick Spencer will be writing a Jimmy Olsen co-feature in "Action Comics," and wore a bow tie to commemorate the occasion. "Jimmy Olsen's always been one of my favorite characters," Spencer said. His story will be about "what it's like to be a normal guy in the DCU." Olsen is "determined to live life to its fullest, and that puts him into some crazy situations." Chloe from "Smallville" will appear in the backup feature as an ongoing character.

On the status of low-selling titles "REBELS" and "Jonah Hex," Sattler said, "they're not going anywhere."

I am interested to see the Jimmy Olsen back-up feature. I don't know yet how tightly I want Smallville to be tied to the DC continuity. Chloe has functioned a number of roles on the show - unrequited love interest, sharer of the secret (a la classic Pete Ross), Lois-like investigator (before Lois showed up), and now Oracle-like guru. Which role will she play here?

I had to throw in the R.E.B.E.L.S. news; glad to hear it.

Here is some non-news from the DC Kids panel:

A retailer introduced himself and asked about potential projects with Wonder Woman and Supergirl. Didio indicated that DC was at work researching the potential for those types of books for young girls.

Didio asked the audience about what sorts of books they liked to see besides Tiny Wonder Woman and Supergirl.

So Super Friends, Power of Shazam, and Brave and Bold have all been canceled, so this was more of a Tiny Titans panel. Didio talks about wanting to foster the next generation but has little to say to back that up.

Still, enough people are still talking about Cosmic Adventures, you would think it was a no brainer.

Some nice Smallville news even outside of the Supergirl announcement:

A tease of the costume … and it looks like we have FLIGHT folks!
Lois said “Superman!” it’s all coming to a head.

This is the last season, Darkseid is the big bad, and we probably finally have 'flights and tights'. The Supergirl episode is slated for October 3.

And finally some toy news that I am excited for. Thanks, as always, to blog friend Gene for send me the pics and the info. The Legion will be immortalized as action figures and will be exclusive to Mattycollector.com in a 12 pack.

It looks like Legion figures from a variety of eras. The original three look close to their classic Silver Age. The rest look more like the Cockrum/Grell time period.

My favorite Legionnaire has always been Wildfire, so I am down right giddy that he will be one of the figures.

Here is a close-up of the Saturn Girl figure. Looks sweet.

Anyways, lots more news came out of San Diego. A 'Flash family' book! Batman Inc. by Grant Morrison! Peter David writing Young Justice episodes! Glimpses of the GL movie! Anything I didn't mention get you guys excited?


valerie21601 said...

I wish I could go to at least, one BIG convention in my lifetime and see what it's all about.

The closest one in my area is the Great Lakes Mall mini-convention (one day) and that one only started this year. Hopefully it will grow over the years to come.

Gene said...

"Of upcoming Brave and the Bold team-ups, JMS said we'll see the Phantom Stranger and Supergirl."

Oh darn, when I first heard that Supergirl was going to be in Brave and the Bold, I thought it was the cartoon. Oh well, here's hoping she will guest star on Young Justice.

"Glad to see Otto Binder, Supergirl's creator, get recognized."

Indeed. A fitting epilogue on her 51st anniversary.

"Didio indicated that DC was at work researching the potential for those types of books for young girls."

Don't wait too long or our Cosmic Supergirl will be ready for college.

Kandou Erik said...

I have to ask - are those Legion figures the smaller-DCU kind (3 inches) or the DC Legends size of 6 inches. You can't tell just by the Saturn Girl picture.


ArgoCityCub said...

Another thing to mention is that Helen Slater was suppose to appear at comic con this year,Only to cancel the next day,She was suppose to be there on Fri-Sunday.I was disappointed.But i hope she comes back next year.

Gene said...

"I have to ask - are those Legion figures the smaller-DCU kind (3 inches) or the DC Legends size of 6 inches. You can't tell just by the Saturn Girl picture."

They are six inches tall.

TalOs said...

HOLY! O_O *mouth drops to floor* I truly cant believe what seriously kick-ass presents DC has instore for us loyal fans come later on this year! B-D