Tuesday, March 2, 2010

War Of The Supermen #0 Preview

May 1st is Free Comic Book Day and one of DC's contributions is War of the Superman #0.

Over on the DC Source, we are treated to the first three pages of this issue and it looks like the story starts off with a bang! Here is the link:

The first page is an irate Kal-El, back in his Superman garb, crashing through a wall. Nice way to grab the reader from the get go!

And then we are treated to Superman finally slugging General Zod. It's about time!

It appears as though this fight takes place on New Krypton. So I guess the planet survives The Last Stand of New Krypton. I wondered if the destruction of the planet at the hands of Brainiac is what spurred the war to finally happen. Guess I was wrong.

Given that Kal is back in the big red S, I suspect that Superman has already made the decision to return to Earth. Which means some falling out has happened. Hmmm ...

I am looking forward to this series as it will wrap up New Krypton story and set up the Superman mythos for the coming years. I am partial to Eddy Barrows' art but he seems to have deadline issues. Let's hope he is able to complete this issue and his other War of the Supermen issue.


Bubbly Bunny said...

Wow this looks so cool and i can't wait for your review either. Oh i really hope Supergirl chooses the right side...but from the look of the covers she does so that's good. Can't wait for this and for this arc to end so we can focus on Supergirl her relationship with Earth and Lana and of course what she is going to decide when it comes to Linda Lang.

TalOs said...

DC best have Supergirl come out of this as a truly respected Super heroine by all involved (both residents of Earth as well as New Krypton) for I've been going through my back issues/trades covering Kara Zor-El 2.0 as of late and I'm so peeved to see that before Sterling and Jamal's run just how big of a disrespectful mistreatment Kara's endured. Heck even PAD's (Peter David) 80 issues run manages to flow more fluid and even had Linda Danvers as Supergirl being treated with more respect compared to that of Kara in comparrison and to this particular huge Supergirl fan that's truly frusterating.