Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sales Review: July 2009

July comics sales were robust, buoyed by major events like the beginning of Blackest Night as well as the return of Steve Rogers in Captain America:Reborn. As usual, ICv2 does a great job with the breakdown of sales. Here is the link to the top 300 comics sold in July 2009: .

Now last month I was in a bit of a panic mode as sales on the Supergirl title fell into the 32K range for the first time since Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle took over. I feared that might be the beginning of a plummet in sales. A lot of you talked me down reminding me that stability in sales in the volatile comics market is success.
Supergirl #43 was the stand alone 'Guilding Day' story, a perfect place for people to jump on or jump off the title as they saw fit. It sold a respectable 32,849 issues, holding steady in sales. That is great news!

Reviewing the last year in sales, you can see that Supergirl #43 sold marginally more than the previous issue. While I would love to see this comic selling 50,000 a month, I am happy to see it succeeding as it is. More people picked it up last month. That's great.
And with 'Codename:Patriot' and the 'Hunt for Reactron' crossovers coming up, sales should get a boost. Hopefully some of those new readers will like what they see and stick around.
As usual, I will continue to applaud DC for promoting the title with sneak preview pages on The Source, Newsarama, etc.

Well, after that bit of good news about Supergirl, I figured I would peek at R.E.B.E.L.S., the title I am hoping will pull through.

Sometimes I have to wonder about the comics world where something like R.E.B.E.L.S. languishes with low sales. I can't be the only one enjoying this comic ... can I?

I remind people that the TV show Cheers was near the bottom in rankings after it's first year but then found it's audience and became a powerhouse. I can only hope DC shows the same patience with this title and doesn't pull the plug too soon.

Tony Bedard, Andy Clarke, Claude St. Aubin ... I doubt you read this blog but you should know your work is appreciated!

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TalOs said...

I'm in shock about the drop off in Supergirl compared to that of last year and R.E.B.E.L.S. is such a sleeper hit for DC is such a shame that they don't promote it more heavily. *Sighs*

Oh and Anj, DC's official solicitations for Nov are up ah: