Friday, August 21, 2009

November Solicits

The November DC solicits have been released ( ) and it looks to be a typically busy month for the super-titles.

No major surprises in the solicitations but it strikes me that November will mark just over a year since Kandor was enlarged and the overlapping storyline of New Krypton started. That's a year with Supergirl being linked more tightly to the Superman stories and having a bigger role in the DCU.

With 'Codename:Patriot' and 'Hunt For Reactron' over, November looks like a breather where the titles can re-establish where they are individually going.

Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Jamal Igle & Jon Sibal
Cover by Joshua Middleton

Supergirl has finally brought Reactron back to New Krypton so he can be held accountable for murdering her father, Zor-El. While the debate about what to do with him rages among the people of New Krypton, the planet’s ruler – and Supergirl’s mother – remains unsure. Should Alura have Reactron executed? And will Supergirl allow it to happen if her mother decides to go that route?

We finally get to see the 'Hamlet' cover that Joshua Middleton posted on his blog long ago. I hadn't seen it in a while and had forgotten how great it looked. I forgot how chilling it was seeing Alura use Reactron's helmet as a mirror as she teases out her hair. Supergirl's expression in the background is great.

It will be interesting to see exactly what decision gets made about Reactron on New Krypton. I can't imagine Kara condoning an execution ... but we'll see.

While I love Reactron, I hope he disappears from the title for a bit. He has been near omnipresent. I'd like to see some new rogues.

Written by Greg Rucka; Co-feature written by James Robinson & Greg Rucka
Art by Pere PĂ©rez; Co-feature art by CAFU
Cover by CAFU

Since “Codename: Patriot,” Earth’s hatred for Kryptonians has only escalated – which is what makes it so odd that Nightwing and Flamebird pick now to become public Super Heroes! Meanwhile, Lois Lane finally meets with the man she thought long dead – her father, General Lane. But he has a message to deliver to his journalist daughter: “You’re either with us or against us.” And in part 5 of the new co-feature, Captain Atom, now back on Earth and knowing the truth about his mission, must face an old foe – his archenemy, Major Force!

Since we are 3 months away, I suppose it could be revealed to the public that Flamebird and Nightwing are Kryptonians. Certainly their new costumes, sort of a mythical riff on Superman's, doesn't seem to hide the fact. Heck, Chris has a Superman belt buckle on. I don't know. I kind of liked the body armor look.

Anyways, the big draw for this issue will be the Lois meeting up with her father! That is going to be good!

Written by James Robinson
Art by Javier Pina
Cover by CAFU

Kicking off a new 5-issue storyline that will rocket readers all the way to the monumental SUPERMAN #700! Mon-El makes his triumphant return to Metropolis with a new look and a determined manner just in time to combat the unstoppable fury of Bizarro. But with his powers phasing in and out, will the new Mon-El be able to save his city even with the help of the Guardian and Metropolis’s Science Police?

Hmmm ... this is the first clue that the 'World Without Superman' run in the main titles will not end with World of New Krypton #12. A new five issue storyline starring Mon-El takes us into next spring.

Now don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed the ride so far. But a year and a half without Superman in his own titles might be pushing things a bit. If you asked me if I would ever buy 18 months of a Mon-El/Guardian comic, my answer would probably be no. I guess as long as the stories are of high quality I should just be quiet and enjoy the ride.

I don't know if I really like the new costume either.

Written by James Robinson & Greg Rucka
Art by Pete WoodsCover by Gary Frank; Variant cover by Mark Buckingham

Humans and Kryptonians are the only two races in our solar system, right? Wrong! Jemm, Son of Saturn, ruler of the super-powered Saturnian race, arrives in Kandor demanding answers to New Krypton’s recent actions – answers he intends to get even if he has to fight his way through Commander Kal-El and the entire Kryptonian army!

A tough Jemm, Son of Saturn? Truly outrageous!

And no mention of Zod in the description or the cover. Maybe he does die ... although I doubt it.

But it seems like this is another chapter. There is no feeling here like we are 'careening towards the pulse-pounding finale'. I wonder if WONK will be a 15 issue mini-series like it was originally solicited as. That would align more with the 5 issue Mon-El storyline.

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Gary Frank & Jon Sibal
Covers by Gary Frank

So long, Smallville; hello, Metropolis! Join Geoff Johns and Gary Frank as they explore a very different Metropolis from the one we currently know – one that has yet to experience life with Superman as its protector. Witness the transformative power one person can have on a city as young Clark Kent joins The Daily Planet, and Superman takes to the skies and gives everyone a reason to look up. Over the years, Superman has come to mean everything to Metropolis, but be here to learn why Metropolis means everything to Superman!

I can't wait for this mini-series!

Johns and Frank could do no wrong in Action Comics. And as a fan, I trust them with reinvigorating the Superman origin. Johns seems to be able to take the more imaginiative pieces of the Silver Age and then adapting them to the 21st century. Even the small things, like seeing Perry White puff on a cigar, feel right.

Written by James Robinson
Art and cover by Mauro Cascioli

Supergirl and Shazam join the team as Prometheus is finally captured! His evil machinations are revealed, but even so, the League may be unable to stop the villain’s disturbing plans as he cuts down one of the members! Don’t miss this shocking new issue that’ll have everybody talking.

Supergirl and Shazam 'join the team'? Is that in an official capacity because both are already involved in issue #2.

And this is the issue that will have everybody talking? People have been talking ... first the bad reviews of issue #1 ... then the three-way tempest from issue #2. I hope they are talking in a positive way.

I have said it before that I loved the Prometheus I saw in Morrison's JLA and it looks like DC is doing their best to make him into a real threat again.

This picture, while posted on the DC website doesn't seem like the cover to me. I hope beyond hope that DC isn't waiting for this art. Given the lead time Cascioli was given before the release of this comic, you would think it would be already done.

Written by Geoff Johns; Co-feature written by Geoff Johns & Michael Shoemaker
Art by Jerry Ordway; Co-feature art by Clayton Henry
Cover by Jerry Ordway and Francis Manapul; Variant cover by Francis Manapul

The return of Superboy! Superboy-Prime, that is! The grasp of BLACKEST NIGHT knows no bounds, and it is now at the doorstep of Superboy-Prime. Believe it or not, Prime has met his match. The Black Lanterns know his deepest, darkest secrets and force Prime to feel emotions he's long discarded. Plus, in the Legion of Super-Heroes co-feature, Dawnstar is on the trail of the person – or people – who have been causing so much trouble for the Legion. But does she get too close to the truth? Her Legion teammate Wildfire comes to her rescue, but are the duo able to discover just who is behind this villainous plot to destroy the known universe?


I am pretty much sick of Superboy Prime. And he is back already?

Now if Legion of Three Worlds had come out on time, it would probably be a year since he was sent back to Earth Prime. But even with this issue being 3 months away, it seems awful quick.

I am sick of Superboy Prime.

Ahhh ... but the second feature is a Wildfire/Dawnstar story! Wildfire is my favorite Legionnaire so it is nice to see him back in continuity!

Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Ramon Bachs
Covers by Phil Noto

Following a trail of experimental equipment that was stolen from WayneTech, the new Robin finds himself in Metropolis and face-to-face with the straight-laced Guardian. But when Parasite and Mr. Freeze appear, the two heroes will have to band together to capture the villains and retrieve the missing tech. What are the villains really after, though, and who is pulling their strings? Cover A will feature Guardian and Mr. Freeze. Cover B will feature Robin and Parasite.

This miniseries sounds like it will be a fun read. I can't wait for the Supergirl/Batgirl team-up next issue.

But this issue's team-up might be even more intriguing. The Guardian is a straight shooter, a 'letter of the law' kind of guy. Damien is a complete wild card. So that has to be as uneasy a partnership as there could be. Should be some good interaction here.

And now the trades ...

Written by Landry Q. Walker
Art and cover by Eric Jones

It’s an all-ages extravaganza as young Supergirl meets Belinda Zee, a new junior high adversary, in this title collecting the 6-issue miniseres. And that’s just the start of the fun that includes super-powered pets and cosmic adventure!

Hurrah hurrah!

But couldn't DC have released it a little earlier?? It is being released on December 23. Wouldn't this have been a great holiday gift idea? But it is being released too late.

I doubt there will be any bonus material but I would love to at least see a foreword by Walker and some of the concept sketches by Jones.

Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Art and cover by Phil Noto

The 5-issue miniseries that pitted Superman and Supergirl against Maelstrom, the would-be bride of Darkseid, is collected! It’s a battle that ranges from Metropolis to Apokolips and beyond – Don’t miss it!

I reviewed this mini-series and deemed it sort of hit-or-miss. There were some great scenes and some great dialogue. There were some scenes that just fell flat. And the characterization of Kara seemed just a little off in some places.

And there is the absolutely luscious Phil Noto art. That alone might be enough reason to buy this.
Overall, November looks like a strong month.


Mauricio said...

have you read the news on the Action Comics #1 and Superman copyright battle with the Siegels ? it appears the Siegels are winning and I see "Moon El" as possible replacement , just like they had to kill 'Superboy' while they couldn't use the name in the comics.

As for Supergirl.. yes, new rouges please.. Reactron and Metallo are too 'convinient' to use since they have just the 'right' weapon to use against a kriptonian.. give us a new Lesla Lar, a new Black Flame, Nasty Luthor too ( as in brains vs. power)


Saranga said...

Maurico: Ok I must have missed the legal battle. say what? Dc are risking losing the copyright to Superman? I can't believe that.

Re the solicits: I am not a fan of Nightwing and Flamebird's new costumes. the armoured versions were faar better, and distinctive. These new ones look like regular superhero costumes. On the plus side, I do like Thara's expression.

I also think the SuperMon costume is rubbish. But then I'm going to exercise a bit of fan entitltement and say that only Kal should wear something that close to the Superman costume. [entitlement off/]

As for Adventure Comics, well, I love Superboy Prime, I think he's hilarious, so i shall def be buying that issue.

TalOs said...

Saranga: Last I heard about WB/DC vs. Siegels battle is that a judge decided that DC officially own the rights to Superboy and something about the judge having ordered WB to make a new Superman movie by apparently 2011 other wise everything Superman wise that has came out from WB/DC has to be back payed to the Siegels including the rights reverting back to them come 2015. :/

Now as per the Nov Solicts: loving what I'm hearing (Superboy-Prime and all) which finally claims to be releasing Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade in trade format (YES!) but the only thing I'm not liking is the fact that we could still have a Alura bringing Supergirl to tears regardless of Reactron having been brought to justice. *Sighs*

Gene said...

Along with buying a copy for myself, I am going to make sure that my library orders several copies of the Cosmic Adventures Supergirl TPB.

Anj said...

give us a new Lesla Lar, a new Black Flame, Nasty Luthor too ( as in brains vs. power)

Thanks for the post.

I keep holding out for a revamped Blackstar.

But Black Flame is another good one. That would be pretty cool. Hmmm ... maybe Thara turns the corner and becomes evil. The 'flame' name would be appropriate.

Anj said...

Re the solicits: I am not a fan of Nightwing and Flamebird's new costumes. the armoured versions were faar better, and distinctive. These new ones look like regular superhero costumes. On the plus side, I do like Thara's expression.

As for Adventure Comics, well, I love Superboy Prime, I think he's hilarious, so i shall def be buying that issue.

Thanks for the post.

I also will miss the armor look.

As for Prime, I think he is like cheesecake. You can have too much and then feel sick. He has been so omnipresent (Infinite Crisis, Sinestro Corps, Countdown, now Legion). I am sort of full.

DC did this with Darkseid a while back where he was everywhere and I thought he was overexposed.

I will be getting the issues though.

Anj said...

Now as per the Nov Solicts: loving what I'm hearing (Superboy-Prime and all) which finally claims to be releasing Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade in trade format (YES!)

Thanks for the post.

I think I will be getting several copies of Cosmic to hand out as holiday gifts as well.