Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Second Poll Results: Who Is Superwoman?

The 'Who is Superwoman' poll is closed and the people have spoken. Results posted above.

It seems that most people believe that Alura, in some form, is under the lead-lined cowl. I made the choices broad so a vote of Alura could be Alura herself or a Black-K derived clone or any other form of Alura.

One thing surprised me was the fact that no other choice came close. I thought for sure that Thara Ak-Var or 'robot/android' might garner more votes. Instead, most other specific choices were all within a vote or two of each other.

I will say that the choice of 'Other' did get 11 votes, just one behind Alura's 12. Not many voters told me who they thought the 'other' was although one post felt that Superwoman was the 'Split Kara' from 52 and World War III.

Thank you to everyone who voted and posted. I am really fascinated by this mystery that Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle are telling and enjoy hearing what everyone is thinking.

Surprisingly, despite all the new information, this poll looks pretty close to the results of the first 'Who is Superwoman?' I ran in December. Those results are seen above with Alura getting 36% of the vote followed by 'Other' again.

I am still surprised that Thara did not get more votes this second time around given the fact that a few clues seem to point right at her.

I think that it is Alura under the mask, although I am going with clone/Black K double. With Alura winning this poll, I thought I would show some pertinent panels that are the most compelling reasons for me to consider her as Superwoman.

In Supergirl #35, Zor-El cures Kara of her Kryptonite poisoning. An errant bolt of the concentrated Kryptonite energy strikes Alura during the process.

All along, I have said that this panel was important. If the K-Poisoning made Kara have tortured memories and crystal powers maybe it would drive Alura insane, giving her a split personality. Or maybe some of the Black K energy in the bolt split her in two like it did to Kara in the early issues of her title.

When we first meet Superwoman, she tells Kara that she will see her back at home.

She calls the House of El her family.

She holds her cape the way Alura does.

All those are clues that seem to point strongly to Alura.

But I also keep going back to this panel seen in Supergirl #36 right before Zor-El dies. Zor-El tells Kara 'watch out for your mother'.

I have always felt that this was not telling Kara to love her mother and help her. To be there for Alura now that Zor-El is dying.

No, I think this was more ominous. I have always felt this was a warning to Kara. Supergirl needs to watch out for Alura because Zor-El knows that something is not right, that she is dangerous.

Of course, that doesn't explain the 'not Kryptonian' bombshell from last issue. How could it be Alura if that statement is true? The fact that knowledgeable Supergirl fans are still fumbling a bit with this mystery is a sign of good writing. I can rationalize most of the choices on the poll.

Next issue there are revelations ... that is a short 14 days away.

Thanks again to all who voted!!


TalOs said...

So Alura in some form being the most likely candidate for Superwoman eh? Heh, it actually makes sense to me and would explain as to just HOW bad her K poisoning has became in her becoming 2 all together different people who're trying to look out for Supergirl in their own twisted Alura type ways at that! :D

But I still don't believe she deserves the mantle of Superwoman, not after the things her non-K exposed self did behind Zor-El's own back in order to "protect" her fellow Kryptonians. (Which poor Agent Liberty would've felt the most aside from Doomsday prior this is)

Ah well, seems more possible then my out there Eradicator returning in the form of an adult aged duplicate of Supergirl, heh. :P

Anonymous said...

My theory this week is that an Earth human has been possessed by a Kryptonian non-corporeal being.
this satisfies the "Who sez I'm a Kryptonian" meme and accounts for the powers...although the blackmail angle with General Lane remains a mystery.
Oh and I freely admit, its a cheese-tastic explanation...but it's a recession out there and ya gotta keep the pot boiling somehow.


John Feer