Monday, December 1, 2008

Crisis on Earth Blog: The DC Challenge - The Wrong Answer

Sorry that's not the right answer. Bad kitty!

Care to guess again? Click here.

Want to jump straight to the right answer? Click here.

Want to visit some of the other blogs participating? Remember, you’ll have to work your way through the challenges if you want to reach the goal-page featuring the whole George PĂ©rez pin-up featuring every major character involved in this crossover event.

Click on any of the following:

The Anti-Didio League - Batgirl
The Aquaman Shrine - Aquaman
The Atom: Tiny Titan - Atom
Being Carter Hall- Hawkman and Hawkwoman
Comics Make Me Happy - Metal Men
The Continuity Blog - Plastic Man
Crimson Lightning - The Flash
Dispatches from the Arrow Cave - Green Arrow
El Jacone's Comic Book Bunker - The Unknown Soldier
Firestorm Fan - Firestorm
Girls Gone Geek-Black Canary
Girls Gone Geek - Wonder Woman
I Am The Phantom Stranger - Phantom Stranger
The Idol-Head of Diabolu - Martian Manhunter
Justice League Detroit - Elongated Man
...nurgh... - Captain Comet
Once Upon a Geek - Dr. Fate
Pretty, Fizzy Paradise - He Man
random picture day - Mister Miracle
Reilly2040's Blog - Adam Strange
when is evil cool? - Sgt. Rock

1 comment:

Saranga said...

the blog names aren't set up as links.
although I've just realised I follow about half of these anyway!