Thursday, October 23, 2008

September Sales - Supergirl #33

Over on ICv2, September sales are once again broken down. Here is the link:

Interestingly enough, despite the downward trend in the US economy, comic sales were slightly up in the month of September.

As for Supergirl, she continued to do just about the same in sales, despite the 'lame duck' status of the 'Saving Thomas' storyline and the departure of both Kelley Puckett and Drew Johnson from the book.

Sales this month were down only 1.7%, with the book selling 27,609 units (in comparison to the 28,114 for Supergirl #32). Meanwhile, the overall rank of the book went slightly up from the 88th best selling title to the 86th.

A while back I feared that there might be a freefall in the title for sales and that we might see sales below 25,000 by this time. It seems that those reading the title have a love of the character and are in it for the long haul.

Perhaps most depressing from reviewing the sales is that Brave and the Bold #17 sold 29,857! So the 'kill Kal-El' Supergirl got read more than the heroic Supergirl seen in her own title.

I also am very very interested in seeing the sales for October's Supergirl #34, the first with the new creative team and after the major buzz/publicity/great reviews it garnered. I have to be honest, I was hoping to hear the issue had 'sold out' by now ... I guess that didn't happen. I still am hoping for the issue to have cleared 30,000 sold.

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TalOs said...

Huh? Apparently B&B out sold our main Supergirl title for that month, how could this be? *Scratches head* :/