Monday, October 6, 2008

Reviews on Supergirl #34

Well the reviews around the web have all been very positive! It is great for there to be so much positive news about Kara in the comics world. Anyways, a simple search will bring you to all the rave reviews that I have not linked to. These were the ones that stuck out in my mind. Here are the links and some blurbs.

The Buy Pile: It's a big surprise to see "Supergirl" #34 almost not suck (although it does echo the "get a secret identity" shtick from some issues back) with some diminished whining from the title character, a Peter Parker-esque turn in what she does with her time and some okay (if needlessly chatty) action scenes, all wonderfully drawn by the illustrious and praiseworthy Jamal Igle.

The thing that got me here is that the writer of The Buy Pile on CBR has routinely gone out of his way to really throw the Supergirl title under the bus. He really did not like this title and he let people know it. So for him to give it any praise is huge.

4.5 out of 5. 5 I found the book entertaining. Gates, Igle and company are crafting a nice little niche into the Superverse for themselves and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this title.

4.5 out of 5 on CBR. I don't see many issues get that score. CBR! That is great press for a huge comic book audience.

7.6/ 10 For the first time in a long time, and maybe even ever, I was able to enjoy an issue of Supergirl. It looks like this book has finally found its direction thanks to a very competent creative team. Not only is it clear that Gates is up to the task of keeping stride for stride with Johns and Robinson, but he's found a talented brother in arms in artist Jamal Igle. Igle's work here is crisp and bold without ever trying to be too flashy, which is all you can ask for from an artist trying to get a title back on track.

Another wonderful review. And everyone is just gushing over Igle's art. He just seems so perfectly suited for the title.

3.5/5 Sterling Gates has done a nice job with setting this series up for a potentially good future. If he can keep pace with Robinson and Johns then there is no telling how good this book could become. With enough work and retooling, Supergirl is likely to become one of my favorite characters.

Again, this is another reviewer who seems ready to jump on the Supergirl band wagon after not being too keen on the character.

Gates and Igle quickly proved themselves as a creative team more than ready to take Supergirl flying to new heights.

Even Wizard praised it. Even people on the Bendis boards praised it! I hope Gates and Igle give themselves a pat on the back for making Kara relevant again. In everything I have read by them I doubt they will rest on their laurels.

And not only have the reviews been great, there have been lots of people saying their store was sold out of the issue. That is great news! I am foreseeing a second printing ... maybe with that great Jamal Igle promo art work. I do recall Igle saying somewhere that DC had this piece colored for print 'sometime'.


TalOs said...

Man I'm still floating on cloud 9 after having both read the new teams 1st issue out itself many times over now, as well as the VERY positive feedback from even the harshest of reviewers out there at that to boot! wow!


TalOs said...

Oh and anj,

speaking of our gal, just wanted to give ya a heads up come this weeks Action Comics #870 (THE finale to "Brainiac" arc) apparently having a 5 page sneak peek preview up at Ain't it Cool's site RIGHT NOW!

Here's the specific url links:


Page 1:

Page 2:

Page 3:

Page 4:

Page 5:

Looks like we're all in for one hell of venture come THIS specific issue, no? ;)

PS - I wonder WHO exactly supposedly "dies" with in this issue too? My money's on it being Pete Ross and NOT either Ma or Pa Kent.

Anj said...

speaking of our gal, just wanted to give ya a heads up come this weeks Action Comics #870 (THE finale to "Brainiac" arc) apparently having a 5 page sneak peek preview up at Ain't it Cool's site RIGHT NOW!

Thanks for the news.

It does look great! Can't wait to read it.