Monday, May 19, 2008

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade

It is sort of old news but worth mentioning on this blog. DC has announced a Johnny DC miniseries for the fall called 'Supergirl:Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade'. It is done by the creative team of Landry Walker and Eric Jones, 2 people who I have frankly never heard of. Above is a pic DC has released of the Supergirl starring in the series. Cool take on the costume, a riff on the Matrix style I love so much.

It may sound weird, but I am really excited about this series. Why? Well, I am father to 3 girls ages 9,6, and 4. And I want them to grow up being Supergirl fans.

Their exposure to Supergirl so far has been limited. They have seen the JLU cartoons, but some of those can be too intense for the younger ones.

I have read them some of the other Johnny DC sitings of Kara such as those below.

But again, some of the action can be hard for the little ones. And the older one, while able to handle and even read these comics on her own can get confused by the big picture of the DC universe. When I have to spend a while explaining who all the characters are in JLU, she can get a bit perplexed.
I have tried to pick out some of the sillier silver age stories from the Showcase:Supergirl trade, but they can be dated. Why would Superman stash her in an orphanage? And some of the prospective parents seem awful (e.g. not adopting Linda because she burned the roast). And clearly none of them are ready for the Peter David or current Supergirl titles.
So this one looks perfect. A tweener Kara, set in a school with (most likely) limited DCU interaction. I'll review when the title is released.

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Anonymous said...

"So this one looks perfect."

And it was perfect, wasn't it? Too good to last long. Sigh.