Thursday, May 29, 2008

Drew Johnson's design for Supergirl's Uniform

Over on Drew Johnson's blog ( he posted the pic below, which was one of his designs on an alternative Supergirl costume.

Well I like it for a number of reasons.

1) No belly shirt. I have never been a fan of the belly shirt, even when Linda Danvers wore the white half-shirt in the latter issues of Peter David's run (which of course was designed to match the Timm-verse Kara).

2) I am a big fan of a huge S-Shield for all the 'supers'. I think it should dominate the shirt, not be a little logo. Here the shield basically *is* the front of the shirt.

3) The ' cape's shoulders forming the corner of the S-symbol' is reminiscent of the Crisis era Kara with the red shoulders, a nice homage.

Overall, it is a design that is much closer to the "Matrix" style costume, which is my favorite of all the Supergirl costumes: blue shirt, pointy sleeves, red skirt, pointy belt. Here is a Gary Frank take on that costume from Supergirl #4 (1996).

Despite not being able to use this design, I did like the slight panaches Drew put into the current costume. In particular I liked the big oversized gold sleeve ends and the thick gold strip around the collar of the cape and bottom of the shirt.

As I have said before, I thought Johnson's art was slick and I am sad to see him leave the title.

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