Monday, May 15, 2023

Supergirl in Action Comics Presents: Doomsday Special #1

Since we learned about the conversion of Action Comics from a Superman solo book to a Superman Family anthology book, I have been hoping for a Supergirl solo story. 

Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow ended over a year ago. The last page of that book has her watching Ruthye execute a repentent Krem. The Supergirl solo book ended over three years ago and ended with an arc where she was infected by the Batman Who Laughs and turned into a villain. 

Thankfully, in the main Superman books, we have been given bits of a more heroic, intelligent, and optimistic Kara. But these were simply bread crumbs. And I wanted a meal.

So I was pretty thrilled when I came across this story about the Action Comics Presents: Doomsday Special #1, solicited for August! 

The book is written by Dan Watters with art by old friend Eddy Barrows. And here is the solicit!

It is a creature beyond reason—and the only force in the universe strong enough to kill Superman. It’s Doomsday, the living embodiment of death, destruction, and evolution! In the wake of Dark Crisis and Lazarus Planet, King Doomsday now sits on a throne of skulls across a river of blood, holding court over the demons that swarm in the depths of Hell...and he may have just found a way back to the land of the living. It’s now up to Supergirl and Martian Manhunter to drive the beast back and see that he never again returns to our earthly plane—even if they must die to do it! Plus: the return of Bloodwynd, the debut of the Doomhounds, and a clue to the next big Superman event!

So I admit that the title highlights Doomsday, a character that I think is overused. But this is a Supergirl and Martian Manhunter adventure as they try to stop Doomsday. 48 pages! And Bloodwynd!! Holy 1990's!

We finally will get a Supergirl adventure where she is at the center of the action ... and hopefully not evil, angry, overly traumatized, or sad! 

Okay, I won't curse the darkness! There is a lot to love here. 

Okay, it is silly but look at this Jon Bogdanove variant cover! Supergirl wielding a flaming guitar and being called a woman of metal?? Is this a little jab at all the recent axe/sword play we have unfortunately seen with her? A jab at her Death Metal infection?

Or just a fun play on a Meatloaf album (no mistaking that font).

I haven't read much of Dan Watters work. But I loved (and I mean loved) his recent Azrael mini-series. That was some seriously excellent stuff. His Future's End Superman/Wonder Woman mini-series was entertaining as well. The world building he did in both those stories make me think that he'll be able to build up this 'Doomsday in Hell' story keenly. I'll repeat, seek out that Sword of Azrael mini-series. It is fantastic.

I've always been a fan of Eddy Barrows. I think he has a hard time maintaining a monthly schedule. So the fact this is a one-shot and 48 pages of pure Barrows makes me think the thing will be gorgeous.

Suffice it to say, I'm excited! Bring on August!


Anonymous said...

Oh I'll be pulling this one for sure...I guess thanks to Melissa Benoist, Martian Manhunter is now Supergirl's team up of choice...I'd prefer Batgirl but hey, "Any Port in a Storm Ya Know?"


Rob S. said...

Nice catch with that Bat out of Hell cover! Lots of similarities of composition there!

It'll be nice to see Kara and J'onn team up again -- maybe for the first time in comics (other than TV tie-ins)?

Anj said...

Supergirl and J'onn sort of teamed up in the 70s!

Martin Gray said...

This should be good, blimey, Bloodwynd is coming back. But yes, the most exciting things is a comic actually starring Supergirl!

William Ashley Vaughan said...

I wonder if the heavy metal motifs are a nod to or at least partly inspired by Kara's DC Superhero Girls incarnation.

Anj said...

Great idea about DCSHG tie-in.

And yes Mart! About time we get a Supergirl story!

Rob S. said...

Oh, wow, I'd totally forgotten about that 70s Supergirl/MM story!