Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Bullet Review (Kind Of): Superboy: The Man Of Tomorrow #1

 Last week Superboy, the Man of Tomorrow #1 came out. 

The book, by writer Kenny Porter with art by Jahnoy Lindsay, won the DC Round Robin a year ago! As such, half of this first issue was released as the teaser for the premise. I reviewed that part of the book back in last May! Here is that link:

Doesn't seem fair for me to re-review the beginning. I liked the premise then and I like this book so far. So this is sort of a half review where I look at the back end of the book. As a quick reminder, the book has Conner thinking that there isn't much room for him to be a hero in Metropolis because of the Super-family. There isn't much room on Earth either given the number of super-heroes out there. So instead, he looks into space and finds a peaceful planet being overrun by Dominator mutated super-troops. 

Given Conner's crazy history, being dead, in and out of continuity, and basically forgotten, that feeling of being superfluous makes complete sense. So the theme of the book made great sense. Heck, it's why I voted for it then. 

What doesn't make sense is when it is being released. Now, in Action Comics, there is this feeling of of the super-family again. We've seen Conner hanging with the twins, playing video games with Kenan, and helping out.  Thankfully there is an editor's note to say the mini takes place before Action #1050. It is just too bad that the book couldn't come out before that. Truly, it has been a year since the contest.

But this is looks like it is going to be a fun book. Porter gives Conner a lot of enthusiasm and confidence and heroic drive which I love. There is a whiff of 'The Ravers', a reference I hope is made. Lindsay brings a ton of kinetic energy to the proceedings. It has a Japanese anime feel to it, like Dragon Ball. Awesome.

Looking forward to the rest of this. On to the details!

Conner has decided to skirmish with a trio of Dominator soldiers. 

One thing Porter does here is really amp up Conner's powers. He is able to use his powers pretty effectively to really batter this evil crew.

I love those first two panels. That is insane anime action there.

I was glad that Porter includes Conner's history in the book.

One of the villains has mental powers and pries the convoluted history out of Conner's mind. 

Obviously this is the rough history of the character. What I like is how Conner talks about how much all these things hurt him. 

So despite the quips and enthusiasm and jump into the fray, Conner is still dealing with stuff. 

Can you have a rough history and still be a working hard and having fun and not wallowing? It is a tight rope to walk. 

But Porter seems to do it. Conner is moving beyond that trauma.

So this sequence of his saying how he wants to be a hero for these people but he also wants to 'look good' sounds like classic Conner. And the energy in the action sequences by Lindsay is stunning. 

When the Dominators unleash a larger army to try an overrun Conner and it looks like they just might.  But suddenly another group shows up and they are vaunted enough that the Dominator pulling all the strings recalls his soldiers and withdraws.

Enter The Cosmoteers.  

Superboy ... working with a team ... in space? Maybe I should rave about this?

This was a fun comic. The art really leaps off the page. I think Conner has been underutilized and semi-brutalized for a while. I thought Bendis' Young Justice might shine the light on him but that petered out. So I am glad he won that DC contest and I am glad he is getting this book. 

And I mean this in the best possible way. It reminded me of the Kesel/Grummett book. That's a good thing. 

Overall grade: B+

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Martin Gray said...

I agree, this is such a fun first issue, it’s great to have Kon-El - I still can’t get used to ‘Conner’ - back in the spotlight, he deserves it! The creative team did great by him.