Thursday, January 5, 2023

2022 In Review: Best Of Supergirl Comic Moments #10-#6

Welcome to day two of my look back at the year 2022 and Supergirl. 

Yesterday, I took a look at the non-comic Supergirl news for the past year as well as the Honorable Mentions for the best comic moments of the year.

Today we begin the look at the top ten Supergirl moments in comics for 2022. I'll cover numbers ten through 6 today and the top 5 tomorrow! As I mentioned yesterday, Supergirl fans have to be pleased that our favorite hero has been shining in World's Finest and Action Comics. So you should expect a healthy dose of both of those titles in this list. Both of those titles have really been stellar this year.

And I'll reiterate that Zala, the Supergirl analogue in Dark Knights of Steel, is not included in this list. I very much like that book. It is worth reading with the best Harley Quinn I have read in a while. 

On to the list!

#10 - "Hugs" - Batman/Superman World's Finest #5 - Mark Waid and Dan Mora

In the first arc of World's Finest, the heroes are all tripping over themselves to be the one to sacrifice their life to be imprisoned with the Devil Nezha. Of course, it was Superman who flew the devil into the prison, in theory trapping himself for eternity. 

It was interesting to see Batman and Supergirl both instantly mourn Superman's sacrifice, both showing how much they loved him.

So it was fitting to see Supergirl hug Superman, practically collapsing into him when he returned. I love her understated 'Don't ever do that again.' Perfect.

The super-cousins should love and care about each other. She should be this happy to see him alive.

#9 - "Showdown With The Main Man" - DC Vs Vampires #11 - James Tynion, Matthew Rosenberg, and Otto Schmidt.

While she is viewed as the potential savior of the world, the Supergirl in DC Vs. Vampires has had very little to do except play the damsel in distress. She has had to be saved almost every issue she has been in.

Finally, in DC Vs. Vampires #11, she does something. First, she fights off some vampires. Even more impressively, she then stands up to Lobo. She has no powers. But she gets right up in front of Lobo, putting her hand in front of his gun muzzle, and taking control of the situation. 

I love it when Supergirl is shown as being a respected member hero of the community, unafraid and willing to stand up to threats. Here she is using that perception, that respect, even with the lack of power, to dominate Lobo. Otto Schmidt sells it visually with Supergirl, ramrod straight back, one leg slightly bent, head up looking right at Lobo. She exudes power and presence. 

That's pretty cool.

#8 - "CSI Kara" - Monkey Prince #9 - Gene Luen Yang and Berbard Chang

I was new to Monkey Prince, lured in by the Supergirl guest star stint. I love how she is introduced by Gene Luen Yang. She is on a crime scene at Lexcorp and she isn't going to be dismissed or disrespected. The Lexcorp worker can try to push Kara around but it ain't happening.

Supergirl also shows her intelligence, scanning the scene and picking up the important clues.

Everything here shows how much the creators think of Supergirl. From the opening heroic position, the iconic hands on hips, to Supergirl slightly hovering on the scene, to the last panel of her scanning the gun, Supergirl is in charge here.

#7 - "Crisis Homage" - Action Comics #1044 - Phillip Kennedy Johnson and David Lapham

I wish I could have posted this whole scene as the moment. But really it consists of two moments and well worth taking another look. 

Thao-La is in a medical pod in the Fortress but she is dying. Something drastic has to happen. So Supergirl has to take matters into her own hand. 

First, she shatters the medical pod to retrieve Thao-La, shatters it even though it was designed to withstand a Kryptonian. Her will is greater than the specs of the pod.

And then, in this scene so reminiscent of the end of Crisis #7, she takes Thao-La into space, towards the sun, hoping that perhaps the yellow sun will help the Phaelosian. (It is not an intentional homage according to David Lapham.)

Like the other writers on the list, you can tell Phillip Kennedy Johnson respects Kara. She is no nonsense here. She isn't going to let Thao-La die. She takes care of business.

#6 - "The Bad Date Relived" - Batman/Superman World's Finest #2 - Mark Waid and Dan Mora

You know it is a good year for Supergirl when I moment I thought for sure would land at number one slides in as number 6.

Mark Waid and Dan Mora have been magical on World's Finest, giving us a superhero story set somewhere in the past. Dick Grayson is Robin. Supergirl is sporting red shoulders. Both are the sidekicks that are called in immediately when Superman and Batman need help.

But who could imagine that they once had a botched date!!!

This whole page just screams cringe in the funniest way. From the cold opening to the awkward carrying position to the insane events we hear about, it is just perfect.

This makes me laugh no matter how many times I read it. I love it!

And yet, here it is at #6!

Let me know what you think of these moments and I'll be back tomorrow with the rest of the year review!


SG Fan said...

Some good choices there Anj, definitely glad you picked the 'Bad-Date' moment from World's Finest. I enjoyed a good laugh when I read that for myself. Kara's had some nice ones in that series, with her commenting on Superman dumping her in a orphanage, the 'never again' moment, and her speech to David about how she felt losing Argo City.

Anj said...

Very good picks of your own SG Fan, perhaps a bit prescient of tomorrow!

'Bad Date' was a laugh out loud moment!

Martin Gray said...

I always love this feature, and I always find myself nodding in agreement.

Anonymous said...

I guess we can call it a good year, at least she isn’t under the sway of the malevolent and malodorous Ruthye, then again she got jobbed out on page two of “DCeased” and was thoroughly damseled for most of “DC versus Vampires” and thats when she was not way in the background in “Dark Crisis”.
Supergirl is so chronically misused as a character and her fan base shell shocked that we are grateful when she isn’t the blood sacrifice in some miniseries.
But…Mark Waid gets her, and always has “gotten her”, thats something at least. Even if that also means that given DC’s grudging animus towards Kara, Waid will never ever get on her solo book…assuming she ever has one again.
But in the main I agree with our host it was as good a year as we dared expect.