Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Black Orchid Wednesday: DC Super-Stars Society Black Orchid Chapter

I am trying to figure out how to wrap up the Black Orchid side mission I am on. For the last several months I have been looking at pre-Crisis Black Orchid appearances through the lens of a fan theory that the Orchid was Supergirl in disguise. It has been a fun run. Ultimately, I think there needs to be a wrap-up post. But I'm not ready to finish this side mission just yet.

One of the best things about this deep dive has been hearing from other folks who are big fans of the Black Orchid. I also love hearing from people who are way more creative than me.

I already owe Isamu something because he gifted me the Black Orchid Pop Figure.

Now he sent me a high-gloss printed entry for a 70's style DC Super-Stars Society application, specifically a Black Orchid chapter.

This sings to my soul. How I wish it was real! I definitely would have sent in the four bucks and joined. (Although I probably would have joined the Supergirl chapter.)

Serious props to Isamu. Keep reading to see more fun.

Check out this very detailed quiz about Black Orchid's adventures.

Are you an avid reader of my posts? All the answers are there if you look close enough!

To be honest, even I had a hard time answering these without looking backwards.

You want to know what you would have got had you joined this imaginary fan club? 

I so desperately want the iron-on transfer! 

I wasn't going to leave you guys in the lurch. Here is the last page with the quiz answers.

I can only imagine a world where Black Orchid was popular enough to warrant her own fan club chapter. But if she was, I think this is what the application would look for. Love the pics Isamu chose to dress up the pages. 

I promise, there is one more Orchid post in the hopper. Just might take a bit for me to pull all the pieces together.

And thanks again Isamu for this wonderful gift!


Anonymous said...

He really put this together entirely on his own? It's very well done.


Martin Gray said...

What a cool creation by Isamu - and no, I couldn’t answer everything, darn!

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done, but this is what I love about the “Black Orchid is Supergirl” meme, its literally covertly rewriting DCU continuity, whether they like it or not...weaponized fan fiction.