Monday, April 25, 2022

George Perez Tribute

Earlier this year, George Perez posted that he was dealing with pancreatic cancer. The outpouring of love and admiration for the artist was staggering and appropriate. Perez is a legend in the field. He not only is one of the best artists in the medium, not only been involved with some of the most memorable stories and properties in the business, but he also is just a sweet and kind soul. 

Last week, DC unveiled a celebration they were planning for Perez. In June, the above image will be in all the company's books. Here is the link:

I was floored when I first saw the image. To get so many tremendous artists together in one piece shows you the respect that Perez has. Pieces like this always surprise me. Who knew I needed and Adam Hughes' Harbinger this much! Who knew I needed a Nicola Scott Kole!


Of course Perez drew Crisis on Infinite Earths, the ground-breaking series in which Supergirl died. Of course she would be here, in that era's costume. And there she is!

Supergirl is drawn by Gary Frank. 

I am pretty sure this is the first time Frank has drawn Kara in this version of her costume. No surprise this is the costume picked for this given how Perez is linked to Kara and COIE #7.

As for Frank, he is linked to Supergirl having drawn the first 9 issues of the Peter David Supergirl series, even if that wasn't Kara. And she was a big part of the Geoff Johns run on Action Comics.

I wonder how each character was assigned to each artist. Did Frank ask for Supergirl? Or did his connection to the character lead to DC asking him? We may never know.

But as a fan of Frank's, I love how he drew her here. Brilliant.

Kudos to DC Comics for doing this and celebrating Perez!


Anonymous said...

I wish she was either sticking her tongue out at him or else thumbing her nose...ah but I guess that would prone to misinterpretation. Hope Perez is doing well and is comfortable...what else can anyone say?


Professor Feetlebaum said...

It's an amazing and well deserved tribute to George Perez on his birthday. Too bad it couldn't be under better circumstances.

Nice to see Supergirl out in front. Too often on pages like this, she's in the Bob Uecker section.

I wonder if Marvel will do something similar. George Perez did a lot of work for them too.