Thursday, March 3, 2022

Wicked Comic Con

I have talked before about the embarrassment of riches there is in the Boston area in regards to comic conventions. With Terrificon, Boston Fan Expo, Granite State Comic Con, and Rhode Island Comic Con all part of my 'convention season', I feel I have opportunity to meet a lot of creators and shop for key pack issues.

Imagine my surprise and glee when a new comic convention suddenly appeared on the docket. This April 9th will be the first Wicked Comic Con in Boston. Here is a link:

You might recall that there used to be a Boston Comic Con which was very much comic book focused with only a few non-comic guests. Over the years, that con grew from being a handful of creators in the basement of an insurance company to a massive endeavor in one of the premier convention centers in the city. Once Fan Expo bought out the Boston Comic Con, the focus shifted. Suddenly comic creators seemed to be just one of many groups brought in and the spotlight seemed to be on TV and movie celebrities. 

Wicked Comic Con looks much more like the old Boston Comic Con and I, for one, am thrilled. I am very much planning on being there that day and meeting some creators and hopefully getting a commission or two.

And while there are plenty of solid guests, I am highlighting the ones I am most excited to meet.

I have been a big fan of Shawn McManus since his days on Omega Men. I have never seen him at a con before!

His work is so unique and beautiful! 

He is going to be my main goal for a commission. I think his take on Supergirl would be so fascinating.

I'll be bringing some Alan Moore Swamp Thing issues as well as a Legion issue and some Omega Men books for signatures as

I have never seen Rick Leonardi at a con either. I have been a fan of his since way back in the earliest Cloak and Dagger books. I am very excited to meet him. 

I'll be bringing some Cloak and Dagger books but also the one Supergirl solo issue he did. 

I don't know about pricing or availability but he also would be a great commission get.

Another artist I haven't met before is Marguerite Sauvage.

She has a great sort of elegant style that is really visually engaging. I know her best from DC Bombshells but she also did the recent Future State Kara Zor-El mini-series. 

Again, the idea of a commission from her would be fantastic. 

As always the convention game is running around seeing who is sketching, how much are sketches, and do they have room on their list.

And then there are folks who I have met before who I can't wait to meet again.

I have been a fan of Amy Reeder from way back and can't wait to see her again and talk Amethyst and Rocket Girl. Heck, I have a BizarroGirl commission from her but I wouldn't mind an actual Supergirl sketch from her.

And then the other folks I hope to meet (for first time or again): Ron Marz, Glenn Fabrym Jeff Dekal, Ben Templesmith, and Trevor Von Eeden.

Yeah, I am excited.

It's a new show. I doubt they have 'press passes'. But I'll try to get there and cover it.


Martin Gray said...

Great news. Just make sure you don’t get a sketch from Marguerite of Supergirl in the FS granny outfit!

Anj said...


Anonymous said...

Ah the Tragic Amish Prom Gown Costume, The gift that keeps on giving :). I am looking forward to a few conventions this spring as well...