Monday, December 14, 2020

Bullet Review: DC's Very Merry Multiverse

Finding Supergirl stories in this time of DC flux is pretty hard. So I'll take almost anything I can get.

I also love Holiday issues and will usually buy the DC version of them each year hoping to get stories that are inspiring and maybe even a wee bit corny. It's okay to get a little sentimental this time of year. 

This year DC put out DC's Very Merry Multiverse, an anthology of holiday-inspired stories on many different Earths. I was glad to see this play out in more traditional holiday fare than last year's rather dystopian Nuclear Winter special. This was fun and merry and bright with a whole smorgasbord of Earths visited.

But I decided to concentrate on the Supergirl story. Or maybe I should say 'Supergirl' story as this tale takes place on Earth-11, the gender-swapped Earth and the Supergirl there is Laurel Kent, the daughter of Superwoman. And while I liked Laurel, there was an even better young hero in this story worth contemplating.

On to this fun New Year's Even story.

'Teen Justice' was written by Ivan Cohen with art by Eleonora Carlini has all the young sidekicks of the of this world trying to stop a global catastrophe. 

Their mentors in the Justice Guild have been taken over by Starrel the Conqueror. 

And between Jesse Quick being able to super-speed a Starrel drone on everyone of Zatara being able to backwards speak a worldwide enslavement, the teens need to step it up.

First in is Laurel Kent. Now the name Laurel Kent carries a bunch of DC continuity. And I even think she looks a little like Laura Kent

But I really love Robin, daughter of Ali Al Ghul and Batwoman. That's pretty cool.

And then the rest of the gang shows up.

Jess Quick, who uses they/them/our pronouns, is a nice bit of diversity to the group. And she keeps putting out the anti-speed equation to tamp down their mother's powers.

Klarienne the Witch Girl is another winner, trying to keep a mesh-shirted Goth Zatara from ending the whole thing.

But I must admit Donald Troy is the winner of the bunch. That is flat-out brill.

Even the other teen sidekicks don't know what to think of Donald.

He was Wondrous Boy once?

And who even understands his backstory.

That is hysterical.

I haven't commented on the art but Carlini's work is a little evocative of Jorge Jimenez which works well in this 'Super-Sons'-esque adventure. Just stylized enough for an insane adventure like this.

I also love how Laurel's look mirror's Jon's as Superboy. The rips in the leggings like his torn jeans is a great little nod.

This whole thing is just charming.

And then, victory. No big surprise.

I giggled when Superwoman asked that Supergirl should spend time with other heroes than Robin.

And as this is the coming out party for this group, they wonder what should they be called.

Super-Squadron is another nice half-nod to DC's past.

I really thought this whole thing was a big sugar cookie of fun.

And the rest of the anthology was a blast as well. 

I do hope that Cohen and Carlini revisit this group at some point.

Overall story grade: A


Martin Gray said...

What a lovely surprise to see you love this, I thought it was rather great too. And it seems we’ll soon be seeing more of Jess Quick. Donald was my favourite too, despite the really stupid Vanilla Ice trousers.

Anonymous said...

Hello from a french fan of supergirl,

Now,i want to see a meeting between John, Damian, Laurel and Talia.

Nices stories, i was laughing to death with harley queen. She tied up Barbara and his father to spend christmas with the family.

Anonymous said...

didn't Laurel describe herself as "Teen Adjacent"? Hilarious.