Thursday, October 29, 2020

2020 Jack O'Lanterns

Happy Halloween everyone!

As many know, I love to carve jack-o-lanterns around Halloween time and try to challenge myself with semi-complicated designs. 

I am no artist but I am always chuffed with the results. And I have recently decided to try and do a Legionnaire when I decide on doing a comic related carving. I will post pics of those below.

This year I thought I would celebrate the new Legion of Super-Heroes by picking one of the new recruits! So here is my attempt at a Monster Boy carving.

No one will know who this is on the block. But I don't care. I am pretty happy. 

And Arune Singh (who Monster Boy is based on) and Brian Michael Bendis were pretty pumped when they saw this on Twitter.

I also decided to do a Bride of Frankenstein carving this year and this also came out pretty good. 

I don't think there is mistaking for anything but the Bride! 

My hope was to do a Frankenstein one as well but as of this posting I haven't got to it yet.

From 2016, here is Wildfire!

From 2014, here is Sensor Girl!

Have a safe Halloween in this pandemic 2020!!

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Martin Gray said...

Brilliant as ever, it’s almost aisle if you’re trained in the creative use of knives!