Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Fandome And Argo City

I missed the first DC Fandome so I was very happy to see that a second one was being put together. 

I don't think much has been announced about this next all day virtual convention. But I am hoping that more attention will be spent on the comic side of the DCU whereas the first seemed to be concentrating on movies, television, and other media.

Maybe it is here that we will learn about anything regarding Supergirl.

Although with recent changes I doubt we'll hear about new titles.

And hat tip to Mart Gray for pointing out the aesthetics of the poster. While I am sure that the different floating cities represent different aspects of the DCU, you can't deny that they sort of have an Argo City vibe to them. 

A while ago I took a deep dive into Argo, looking at its history in all the different ages of the DCU. If you dig deep enough here, you can get some of those posts: http://comicboxcommentary.blogspot.com/search/label/Argo%20City

Suffice it to say, Argo's destiny is usually tragic.

I might actually be able to 'attend' some of this Fandome. Let's hope we that we get some Supergirl news.


Anonymous said...

This second part of Fandome is now entirely On Demand. So everything now is "scheduled" to start at 10 AM, and you can sample and view any or all of it over the 24 hour period.

Here's a non-clickable URL - put it together if you want to visit it:

https:// schedule . dcfandome . com

If you sign up for an account there, you can click the + to add shows to your own "schedule," which will show a checkmark next to things you've decided are worth watching on the 12th/13th. There is a LOT of programing! I count around 60 panels.


Martin Gray said...

You know, right now cities in bubbles might not be the worst idea...

Anonymous said...

I dunno seems like a lot of effort to find out we've been cold shouldered again.