Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Mike Maihack's Love Is Sharing Candy

Last week I covered Mike Maihack's comic on social distancing.

Today I cover another Maihack comic, this one his Valentine's Day comic which I missed called "Love is Sharing Candy". Here is a link:

I wonder if there was any unneeded blowback about this comic.

The comic opens with a look at three of DC's biggest power couples sharing candy on Valentine's Day. We see Superman giving some to Lois, Catwoman giving candy to Batman, and Harley bringing candy to Poison Ivy. No mistaking these are examples of romantic love.

The book ends with Kara bring candy to Batgirl. Initially Batgirl seems to bristle. Doesns't Supergirl know what that usually means? But Kara says it is sharing candy with people you love.

The two end up sharing the sweets while a lovelorn and broken-hearted Robin looks on.

Do you think Maihack is saying Supergirl and Batgirl love each other romantically? It works.

Do you think Maihack is saying Kara loves Barbara as a friend? It works.

Decide what you want.

I love it both ways.

I hope Maihack continues to put out SG/BG comics at this rate. They always make me smile!


Anonymous said...

Hello from a french fan of Supergirl,

Thanks you for your comment.

I realized, i missed Streaky on the knees of Batgirl in the last panel of the comic Christmas 2019 ... and you, did you noticed the logo of Legion on the laptop of Lois Lane ?

For me, Kara and Babs are like sisters.

Anonymous said...

Call me naive, but the romantic angle never even occurred to me.

I just think of Mike's Supergirl as a goofy enthusiastic bundle of energy, kind of oblivious to the way she always overwhelms Batgirl, who is always baffled but puts up with Supergirl's exuberance.

If this Supergirl has any romantic interest, it's taking Batgirl by surprise - "you DO know what his holiday is all about, right?"

Kids give their moms Valentine's cards with hearts on them, and candy in heart-shaped boxes.

I love it that Batgirl is holding a batarang for what appears to be absolutely no reason. I guess she's just always ready for anything.

Anonymous said...

I really loved this. Including Babs' "Huh... Kara, I need to know we are on the same page. Oh? We ARE on the same page? All right then" reaction.

As you said, it may be taken as friendship or as romance. It doesn't matter because it's a great scene anyway.

But poor Dick.

(No, I'll not make the obvious immature joke)

H said...

I think it's a bit of both. Kara and Babs definitely have a friendship love and I feel like that's what Mike was going for here but there have been hints of romantic feelings between them, at least in the DCAU. Harley Quinn even brought it up (well, as much as you can in an all-ages book) in one of the specials.

Anonymous said...

I think they are friends, but they are so perfect with eachother that they put any romantic relationship in the world to shame. Every time they are together it is pure bliss, rainbows, serenity and cookies for the soul of the reader.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign my comment above - I wrote the one that starts with "Call me naive."


Anonymous said...

To Quote Sir Paul McCartney "No, We Are Just Good Friends Really..."


Anonymous said...

> I wonder if there was any unneeded blowback about this comic.

“The irony of the Information Age is that it has given new respectability to uninformed opinion.” - John Lawton.

Speaking for myself, and knowing Mike Maihack's history with these Supergirl / Batgirl comics, his love for these two characters shows!
And THAT is what I love and all I need to take away from this comic :) Nuff Seid!

As for Harley and Ivy, well to quote Ivy from the DC Harley Quinn cartoon, "I like you in a very odd, hard to articulate way."