Monday, February 24, 2020

Review: Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #8

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #8 came out last week and was another hoot of an issue. I find myself grinning like a goof after I read this book. It is tough to follow the big story arcs. It is told in a crazy way. Nonlinear isn't enough to describe it. Random?

But it is all good and I have a solid enough feeling about it to just float along and enjoy.

Like past issues, this issue leans into Jimmy's  crazy history throughout all continuities. We get riffs on Silver Age. But there is also a Jimmy take on the Reign of the Superman which truly made me laugh out loud. Matt Fraction continues to inject humor into this book, both side jokes and funny long form plots. I am going to be so sad when this ends.

Steve Lieber also shines here. The panel breakdown, the pages, the different looks of Jimmy, the expressive work all is perfect here.

I know sales aren't great. But I am going to miss this. Maybe DC can give Fraction and Lieber an annual or a special or something when this is all done? I need the smiles!

On to the book!

Remember, for part of this series Jimmy is considered dead.

So why not have a little fun and talk about four different Jimmy's who show up to claim they are the real deal back from the dead. The Cyborg one is gross. The Steel one is actually a statue.

And then the others ...

A perfect Olsen take on the Metropolis Kid.

Only 90s kids will get this! Excellent.

A 'whoomp there it is' t-shirt with an arrow pointing to his junk? Wonderful.

And then the 'Eradicator' of the bunch, the taciturn Jimply Cheekbones?

A bouncer at a club called 'Oooooooontz' ... as in club music 'oontz, oontz, oontz'.

I love it! Love it!

Each of these turns out to be some fake-out put on by Jimmy Olsen's fan club, a group of kids.

A Reign of Olsens?? Just spot on spectacular.

Julian Olsen isn't going to let the family name be besmirched.

He lawyers up and threatens to sue to kids.

I am telling you ... again ... Julian is behind the murder attempt on Jimmy.

 As for Jimmy, he is 'undercover' as Jaime Olsen, hiding out in dullsville Calvin City.

What do I love about this? The lush hair, turtleneck, wide collar shirt, and bellbottoms Jimmy is wearing here. Total 70s dude!

 And the folks in boring Calvin City, including the mayor, are thrilled that Jimmy and Janie are there.

Calvin City needs a 'bump', a boost in commerce when a meta-human comes to a place to visit.

I love 'don't crap a crapper' ... a tame version of 'don't try to bulls*** a bulls****er', a saying I say all the time.

Interestingly enough, Janie's car has been vandalized so it can't work. Perhaps this is a way for the Calvin City administration to keep the Olsens there?

 With the Olsens hiding out in a Calvin City hotel, Jinx ... Jimmy's intergalactic jewel thief wife ... shows up. She wonders why he hasn't taken care of what happened the last time he was in Gorilla City.

She wrongly thinks the last time he was there was when they got married.

But he has been there since, a time where he very Silver Aged-ly became a Kong-like creature.

The best part of this? Metamorpho is Jimmy's trunks. Now that is funny. No wonder Rex wasn't too busted up when Jimmy was killed.

 And now my favorite panels from the book.

Jimmy says he always goes to Gorilla City. (Who wouldn't?) And he is surprised Jinx didn't see the news about his Kong time. He was on CNN after all ... well ... a version of CNN.


Literal laugh out loud.

 And then Jimmy remembers.

He was supposed to get their monkey business marriage annulled.

To make matters worse, Jinx's jilted fiance, the devil alien she lifted jewels from, arrives to lay waste.

Luckily Jinx has a way out. And a healthy attitude.

I'm smiling just writing the review. Always a good sign.

A riff on 70s Jimmy, 90s Reign of the Superman, and Gorilla City CNN (ook,ook,ook) all makes this issue a complete win.

Everyone should be reading this.


Overall grade: A


H said...

Oh man, Calvin City is a deep dive. That's the Golden Age Atom's hometown. I've been ambivalent about this book- the main storyline does nothing for me but I love most of the shorter ones.

Anonymous said...

This book is a riot and I love it.

Off-topic, but apparently Supergirl's book was cancelled because DC has plans for her.

I don't know whether I am relieved or frightened.

Anonymous said...

I give these guys credit, they've made Jimmy Olsen Relevant by Making Him Irreverent...without being Crude or indulging the Cardinal Sin of Cheap Heat. How I wish Matt Fraction was writing Supergirl, our problems in this dimension would soon be over.
As for DC's "Plans for Supergirl", IF THEY WERE SMART they'd align closer with the TV show since the Berlanti Cabal (for all their flaws) "Get Kara Zor El"...but this is DC Comics remember, and after a weekend of ominous rumors I can only say they have nowhere to go but down Supergirl-wise.


Martin Gray said...

Such a fun book. I had a ball remembering the stories in which the souvenirs appeared. And yeah, I’m not too fussed about how things resolve because I’m having so much fun.

My guess for the the would-be killer? Janie, because Jimmy nicked her make-up kit.

That end-line, ‘So nice we did it in nine’ - I hope we’re not getting three issues knocked off the run.

My favourite visual pun of the issue? Enemy Ape!

Anonymous said...

Oh no.."Gorilla City, CNN" made me guffaw for five full minutes...