Thursday, August 1, 2019

October 2019 Solicits

The DC Solicits for October 2019 came out last week and I am trying to maintain some optimism. But it isn't easy. For a list of the entire slate, you can head to Newsarama here:

Now there are some interesting things that are hitting the racks this month. Call me nutty, and it isn't in my usual wheelhouse, but I am intrigued to read the Brian Azzarello/Emmanuela Lupacchino new Birds of Prey book. And a new Hellblazer book might be worth checking out.

But the whole DC line is tied up in the Year of the Villain storyline. Every cover seems to show citizens and heroes bloodied and zombied up. And it just seems that DC, under Dan Didio, is a one note singer. Every 2-3 years we have to darken everything up. And it never seems to work. The shine of Rebirth is finally dulled. We are back in the doldrums of Forever Evil and Future's End. Grim isn't better.

It doesn't help that Didio at SDCC complained that people buy the reprint books DC puts out rather than buying new books. Didio should be embracing the history and legacy of his company. He should realize people buy those because they are good stories, classics. And maybe they are shying away from new content because they aren't good.

But I digress. I am here to light a candle, not curse the darkness.

As for the super-books, there are a couple of new items on the docket. But to be honest, for the first time in a while, I felt compelled to post the prices of books on this post because comics aren't cheap anymore. And while I might be interested in trying something new, $9 is a big ask.

On to the super-books.

written by MARC ANDREYKO
variant cover by DREW JOHNSON

As Supergirl gets drawn deeper into Leviathan’s plans and the search for her foster parents, the newly sentient Brainiac-1 drone realizes the one thing he needs to unlock the power of millennia of Kryptonian science is the Girl of Steel herself! With her focus on her Earth family, will the distraction make her an easy target for the mad A.I.? And how will Leviathan respond as she gets closer and closer to their plans? 
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES

I am glad that Supergirl is going to be part of the Leviathan series, even getting an Event Leviathan variant cover as seen above. And I like that this is built on her searching for her Earth family, even if she abandoned them for the Zaar quest. But does this mean Brainiac is going to want to take over her body?

I still don't think Marc Andreyko likes Supergirl or understands the core of her character. But at least she is back on Earth.

art and cover by ALEX MALEEV
variant cover by DAVID MACK

From the Eisner Award-winning team of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Alex Maleev, it’s the reveal of the biggest mystery of the summer. Who is Leviathan? And what is their true goal? You’re going to find out here! Plus, Lois Lane had a whole other team working this story the entire time, and—oh man!—someone found something! 
$3.99 US | 5 of 6 | 32 PAGES

You know I am all in for the mystery of Event Leviathan when the solicit is at the top of the post. I don't necessarily see a clue here although the shape of that mask is somewhat familiar. I am trying to decide if the negative space is reminiscent of anything.

My guess is we'll find out at the end of this issue who Leviathan is. And judging by the 'we are Leviathan' and 'their goal' I wonder if it is going to be more than one person. Hmmm ... maybe by Hawk and Dove back-up theory needs revisiting?

variant cover by BRYAN HITCH

Clark Kent, defender of the truth! The Daily Planet is under siege as the streets of Metropolis prepare for a gang war! The invisible mafia is invisible no more—and the streets of Metropolis will burn if the truth does not get out. All this, and another dive into the secrets of DC’s newest teen sensation…Naomi! 
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES

I like that the Invisible Mafia might be taking advantage of the Leviathan event to further their goals. Red Cloud attack in the Pit of the Planet is awesome. And I am glad Naomi is staying in the collective consciousness until her sequel. Cool that Jamal Campbell gets to draw her in between her series.

cover by IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO
variant cover by JASON MASTERS

The Super Sons are back! But now Jon is five years older, and he’s sitting on the biggest decision of his young life. Damian and Jon team up again for a rip-roaring adventure and a huge catch-up! These two best buds have really needed each other, and now they are back! 
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES

I am eager to read this issue, especially given the fact that I think Jon is heading to the future for good to be with the Legion. I hope somewhere in the credits there is a 'thanks to Peter Tomasi' line.

I'll miss the Super Sons.

written by GREG RUCKA
art and cover by MIKE PERKINS
variant cover by EMANUELA LUPACCHINO

Renee Montoya wants answers. But can she handle the truth of what Lois Lane has uncovered? The questions pile up as Lois meets with both Renee and the original faceless detective, Vic Sage.
$3.99 US | 4 of 12 | 32 PAGES

I love love love this cover. Brilliant design.

And interesting this is also a sort of back-door Question(s) pilot.

written by MATT FRACTION
art and cover by STEVE LIEBER
variant cover by DARICK ROBERTSON

Whassup, nerds? It’s yer favorite irresponsible blogger, Timmy Olsen! In this month’s episode of “Timmy’s Bros,” someone requested we get Batman to crack who moidered that Daily Planet photo-hack, Jimmy Olsen. Like how many wheels does a guy have to steal off the Batmobile to get a Bat-dude’s attention around here? 
$3.99 US | 4 of 12 | 32 PAGES

So much to like here. Timmy Olsen? Is that Jimmy's alias while he is 'murdered'? The stealing tires joke is a nice reference to Jason Todd's origin. And I love the battered 'DC' banner on the podium. Where are those halcyon days of yesteryear?

cover by RYAN SOOK
card stock variant cover by BRYAN HITCH

Get on board for a journey through the future like no other! A gallery of all-star artists join our mysterious guide as they continue their 1,000-year journey toward the 31st century, inspiring Booster Gold to time-travel, debating fighting tactics with O.M.A.C. and making their way to the front door of the Legion of Super-Heroes. The DC event of the future is here now! 
$4.99 US | 2 of 2 | 48 PAGES

I didn't realize this was a neat little 2 part series. I love this cover with all the crazy new Legion designs. I love that Jon is going to put the Legion ring on to give us old timers a Superboy and the Legion team again.

And will there team doctor be Dr. Anj-70? I can only hope.

art and cover by DAVID MARQUEZ
variant cover by PAOLO PANTALENA

“Who are the Secret Six?” part three! Is Superman the newest member of the Batman Who Laughs’ Secret Six? It certainly looks that way, and Batman may be powerless to stop the Man of Steel and his own demented doppelgänger. The Dark Multiverse’s most dangerous Bruce Wayne is loose in our world, and he has our world’s greatest superhero at his side. Who do you turn to when there’s no one to trust?
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES FC 

I don't even know if I am picking this book up.

But covers like this and the whole premise being the Dark Multiverse and the Batman who Laughs makes me think I am skipping it.

written by JEFF LOVENESS
cover by LEE WEEKS

The Dark Multiverse takes on the highest-selling comic book event of all time—the Death of Superman! In a broken world much like our own, Lois Lane, twisted by rage and grief, becomes the Eradicator and takes revenge on those who let Superman die, and the corrupt world he could never defeat. Now, with the power of a god, she’s going to end the battle by any means necessary…and the Reign of the Supermen will be over before it begins! 
$5.99 US | 48 PAGES

I don't think I am getting this one either.
6 bucks for a look at a grim Lois in a grimmer universe?
We have seen plenty of stories where Superman goes mad when Lois is killed. So I am grabbed by the flip here. But that price tag seems steep for something which may very well be dollar box material later on this year.

written by GENE LUEN YANG
art and cover by GURIHIRU
variant cover by KYLE BAKER

The year is 1946, and the Lee family has moved from Metropolis’ Chinatown to the center of the bustling city. While Dr. Lee is greeted warmly in his new position at the Metropolis Health Department, his two kids, Roberta and Tommy, are more excited about being closer to their famous hero, Superman! While Tommy adjusts to the fast pace of the city, Roberta feels out of place, as she tries and fails to fit in with the neighborhood kids. As the Lees try to adjust to their new lives, an evil is stirring in Metropolis: the Ku Klux Klan. When the Lee family awakens one night to find a burning cross on their lawn, they consider leaving town. But the Daily Planet offers a reward for information on the KKK, and their top two reporters, Lois Lane and Clark Kent, dig into the story. When Tommy is kidnapped by the KKK, Superman leaps into action—with help from Roberta! But Superman is still new to his powers—he hasn’t even worked out how to fly yet, so he has to run across town. Will Superman and Roberta reach Tommy in time? Inspired by the 1940s Superman radio serial “Clan of the Fiery Cross,” Gene Luen Yang (American Born Chinese, Boxers and Saints, The Terrifics, New Super-Man) presents his personal retelling of the adventures of the Lee family as they team up with Superman to smash the Klan. 
PRESTIGE FORMAT $7.99 US | 1 of 3 | 80 PAGES

Even more irritating is this solicit. I like Yang and his work. I like what he is doing on the Terrifics. I loved his New Superman. And this story sounds great.

But $8 is pretty pricey. And it is 3 issues.
I wish this one wasn't Prestige Format and was less expensive.
I still may get this. It is sad the only thing keeping me away is the price tag.

So what did you guys think of the month?


Anonymous said...

What is the first image in the article, DCeased?

garyb said...

I've been reading Supergirl since Kara first landed on Earth as a refugee, and until her death.

After she died a hero, I stopped all comics. It wasn't until Peter David merged Matrix with Linda Danvers that I resumed picking up Supergirl and other books. Linda and Supergirl split, Linda wondered off until Giffen left here in Hell. Then Kara came back again. She's good...she's bad.... she's angry. reboot. reboot. DC doesn't know what to do with her, Andreyko for sure doesn't know.

I give up, I'll be cancelling my pull after next weeks issue. And, then I'll be, once again, at zero comics.


Professor Feetlebaum said...

"Superman Smashes the Klan" sounds good. Years ago, I heard the original radio program on cassette, with Bud Collyer playing Superman. To tell the truth, I don't recall many details, but it was impressive that producer Robert Maxwell and the writer(s) took on such a topic. Plus it's something of a call back to when episodes of the Superman radio program were adapted for television, and when TV episodes were made into comic book stories.

I think it's great that DC's reprints sell better than the new stuff. I hope the reprints are selling to newer fans and not just to older readers. When those stories were originally published, we didn't have long padded storylines or "big event" piled on "big event". Most important, the characters stayed in character. Even if there had been no comics code then, I doubt anybody would have come up with a story like Heroes in Crisis. There's a place for dark and grim stories in comics, but not everywhere.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous #1: The first image is Supergirl #35 variant cover.

The main DC titles are now a horror lineup. Can DC sustain this indefinitely?

I'd like to think some in editorial are asking themselves "My God, what have we done?" and trying to find a way to crawl out of this.

But the Batman/Superman title is explicitly to stamp out Batman Who Laughs infections. If they maintain that theme, then this will be never-ending! And, Tales of the Dark Multiverse just started. (But that might just be a limited set of one-shots.)

DCeased #2 sold 152K units. A steep drop from #1's 242,365 sales, but that's to be expected, and I wouldn't be surprised if this remains a top 5 seller for the entire run.

Batman Who Laughs has been selling > 100K.

Last Knight on Earth #1 sold 113K.

The market is responding well to this trajectory. Batman's Grave does NOT sound like the place you'd want to stop for a picnic. And which will be funnier, Joker Killer Smile or Basketful of Heads? It's actually all so grim that it makes you want to laugh.

But there are palette cleansers. Dial H for Hero, Wonder Twins, Young Justice, Jimmy Olsen. We'll have to see what the spin will be for the Legion of Super-Heroes, and hopefully that won't be a dystopia.

Event Leviathan is far lighter reading than the Villains/Doom/BWL stuff.

Basically, we have two visions at DC, and I wonder if there is tension or if it's smooth, cause when you think about the books I mentioned, what we have is the Bendisverse vs. the Snyderverse. And with the Batman/Superman book spinning out of BWL and what's happening with Supergirl, it looks like Snydervision is sucking in the Superman universe.

When Leviathan is over, where will the Bendis books end up? Will he have a new angle ready to go, or will everything go Dark? He's too strong a voice to be nothing but a writer on Scott Snyder's horror "roster."