Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Con Prep: Boston Fan Expo

We are approaching Con Season which means that time is growing short for me to get my preparation done including thoughts about commissions, signatures, and possible gifts for friends.

That means preparing for Fan Expo Boston right after Terrificon. Here is a link to the con:

Now unlike Terrificon, this is more of a Pop Culture convention with a corner for comics creators. Born from the ashes of the dearly departed Boston Comic Con, Fan Expo is about a true cross-section of popular culture. As a result, there isn't as much heavy lifting from a comic point of view.

That said, I am very much looking forward to this convention because it is also a cross-section of the comic community on-line I am part of. Rob, Shag,and Ryan from the Fire and Water Podcast Network will be there. Diabolu Frank from the Rolled Spine Network. Darrin and Ruth Sutherland from the R and D Network, Derek Crabbe, Keith G. Baker, and who knows how many more folks I hang out with in social media will be there. Hoping we head out to Karaoke!

Anyways, that means if any of you are going, we should try to meet and greet!

But onto the preparation and guests.

I love Bermejo's moody art and have some books near and dear to my heart to get signed by him. On the top of the pile will be Action Comics #775 and the Superman/Gen13 mini-series.

I doubt Bermejo will be sketching but he would be a great addition to the collection.

I loved Chin's art on the Superman/Silver Banshee mini-series way back in the day. I have never seen her at a con before. Her art is very sexy so might seem off in my collection. But there is no doubting how beautiful it is.

Glad to see her in attendance.

I have a Becky Cloonan sketch from way back in 2010. But I haven't seen her at a con since then. So I am thrilled she will be attending.

For one, I loved her Conan arc with Brian Wood from a few years ago. But she also is a missing sig on my Harley Quinn #0 book.

I am hoping I will have a few moments to talk to Jody Houser (and Steve Orlando who will also be in attendance) about their Supergirl run. I thought their stuff was peeking at just the right time only to have the plug pulled.

Anyways, more books for signature!

I have always loved Phil Noto'sart and he did one of the first commissions I ever obtained, back when I was getting individual pieces and not sketches in a book.

I'd love to have a portable Noto piece for the collection. So even though I have a piece from him, I might price him up to see about another. I'll always have books for him to sign.

And I am a big fan of Steve Rude. I have a Supergirl sketch from him already. But I don't think he does many cons these days, especially on the East Coast. So I plan to see him again and thank him for his timeless art.

There are plenty of other guests at the con including Art Adams, Frank Cho, and others.

But the biggest draw this year will be meeting friends.

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