Thursday, April 18, 2019

July 2019 DC Solicits

The July DC solicits came out last week and it looks like the super-titles are ramping up to close the current storylines in time for Event Leviathan to take over the scene. This has me pretty happy as, at the very least, it will close out the 'Queen of the Axe' Supergirl story we have been given. Here is a link to Newsarama's coverage of all the books:

And now onto the super-titles.

written by MARC ANDREYKO
variant cover by KAARE ANDREWS

The conclusion to the SUPERMAN/SUPERGIRL team-up is here! As the House of El is united, Superman, Supergirl, Superboy and Jor-El struggle to defeat the seemingly unstoppable Rogol Zaar, who is now teamed up with General Zod, Jax-Ur and even Gandelo! New alliances are forged and betrayed, and Kara must fight battles on two fronts: alongside her cousins and inside herself, as she faces her own rage and the corrupting influence of Zaar’s axe! If she survives it all, who will be the Supergirl who emerges on the other side? Join us on the epic finale to Supergirl’s space-opera adventure!

Also, if Brainiac is in the Hall of Doom, why is Lex Luthor upgrading an old Brainiac drone body? And why is the drone calling itself the true Brainiac?

Supergirl is back on Earth fighting side by side with her family! Fantastic.
She 'faces her own rage and the corrupting influence of Zaar's axe'! Not so fantastic.

I just think Marc Andreyko has little understanding of the character and her recent history.

At least it didn't say 'final issue'.

variant cover by FRANK QUITELY

Metropolis is in total lockdown, and while everyone is busy dealing with the impossible threat of Leviathan’s complete takeover, a mysterious antihero called Thorn has decided to wreak havoc on the invisible empire! Witness the return of Rose and Thorn, the most dangerous woman in the DC Universe—and if you’ve never heard of her, it’s only because she is that good. All this, plus a major EVENT LEVIATHAN revelation! But why wasn’t it in the main series?

Plus, the invisible mafia held a death grip on the Metropolis underworld…until Lex Luthor visits their criminal competition!

I am very much looking forward to Event Leviathan. I am a big fan of Rose and Thorn so I am eager to see where this leads. But the best thing is knowing that Luthor is going to confront the organized crime operating in his city. I am surprised he has let it survive. Can't wait for this one!

art and cover by IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO
variant cover by ADAM HUGHES

Superman, intergalactic hero! A major chapter in the galaxy-spanning “Unity Saga” begins as Superman reluctantly takes the lead in a quest for peace bigger than he has ever tried before. It’s Superman, Superboy, Supergirl and a cast of thousands in a fight to keep the universe intact. But it’s this issue’s final page that will have fans everywhere talking. It’s a moment almost a thousand years in the making… Deadly plans, murderous schemes and evil dealings. Each of Lex Luthor’s offers means doom for the heroes. So why is Lex now talking to Lois Lane? 

I am kind of burying the lede because this is  the issue I am most pumped for.

There is no doubt that a moment a thousand years in the making has to be the return of the Legion, especially given the hints we have seen in this book the last few months.

Add to this the near ending of the Zaar storyline and knowing I will see Ivan Reis and Joe Prado draw Supergirl makes me very happy!

written by TOM KING
new cover by ANDY KUBERT

Available to comics shops for the first time! Following a home invasion that ends in murder, Superman is put on the trail of a Metropolis mystery by Batman—but can even the Man of Steel discover the truth behind these tragic deaths, or their ties to the far-off world of Rann? These stories by Tom King with art by Andy Kubert guest-starring Green Lantern and other heroes were originally published in SUPERMAN GIANT #3 and #4.

I didn't head to Walmart to buy the giants. I am glad they will be reprinted as I am interested in seeing what King does with the Man of Steel. And seeing Andy Kubert on art is just as big a draw.

Did anyone read these as they came out?

written by GREG RUCKA
art and cover by MIKE PERKINS
variant cover by JENNY FRISON

On the road and out of Metropolis—and carrying a secret that could disrupt Superman’s life—Lois Lane embarks on a harrowing journey to uncover a threat to her husband and a plot that reaches the highest levels of international power brokers and world leaders. Critically acclaimed and best-selling author Greg Rucka and master storyteller Mike Perkins team up for a tale of conspiracy, intrigue and murder that pushes even Lois to her limits.

Okay, maybe I am doubly burying the lede.

It would take the return of the Legion to overshadow the beginning of a Lois Lane 12 issue maxi-series by Greg Rucka and Mike Perkins! And Jenny Frison variants! Amazing!

Some art has started leak and it looks gorgeous.

This has been too long in the making! Let's all support the hell out of this!

written by MATT FRACTION
art and cover by STEVE LIEBER
variant cover by BEN OLIVER

Jimmy Olsen must die!
Wait, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Jimmy Olsen lives! Superman’s best friend and Daily Planet photographer Jimmy Olsen tours the bizarre underbelly of the DC Universe in this new miniseries featuring death, destruction, giant turtles and more! It’s a centuries-spanning whirlwind of weird that starts in Metropolis and ends in Gotham City. And then we kill Jimmy.

 We also are getting a Jimmy Olsen maxi-series by Matt Fraction and Steve Lieber! What a creative team!!!

My guess is that this will be a more quirky, walk on the wild side sort of book in comparison to Lois's. But as a fan of the Man of Action, I can't wait for this one either!

art and cover by ALEX MALEEV
variant cover by JASON FABOK

“The Detectives”! EVENT LEVIATHAN, the new miniseries by the award-winning team of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Alex Maleev, continues! As the mystery of Leviathan continues to rock the very foundations of the DC Universe, the world’s greatest detectives gather for the first time anywhere to solve the mystery before it’s too late! Lois Lane leads Batman, Green Arrow, Plastic Man, Manhunter, the Question and a couple of genuine guest sleuths in the search for who Leviathan is and how their plans have already unfolded. This issue also guest-stars Red Hood, Batgirl and more!

 I love Alex Maleev's art. I love this group of great detectives with Lois Lane front and center. And I can't wait to read more Question.

Seriously, Alex Maleev art on a book featuring the Question!! That's like peanut butter and chocolate.

written by PETER J. TOMASI
cover by DAN MORA

It’s been a long road, but Superboy and Robin have finally made their way back home! Unfortunately, an armada of about a gazillion juvenile super-delinquents is back too, and these pint-sized hell-raisers are out to conquer Earth! It’s the final battle between the son of Batman, the son of Superman, a big fan of Lex Luthor and whatever a “Doomsdame” is in this epic finale to the Super Sons saga!

This is the end.

This is the final stop for the young Jon Kent. Both happy and sad to see this story close. Doomsdame is a brilliant name. And glad to see the other versions of the sons and Jonah Hex still kicking around.

Maybe we can get 'untold stories of the young super-sons' now and then?

Anyways, what are you guys excited about??


John (somewhere in England) said...

The thought that the Legion might be returning is an exciting one, but one item missing from this list is Legion of Super-Heroes: Five Years Later Volume 1. Amazon's website still gives its publication date as 16 July.

Anonymous said...

"If she survives it all, who will be the Supergirl who emerges on the other side?" I find this line ominous to say the least, or I would if I wasn't sure the book will be cancelled before the end of the year so yet another toxic "reimagining Supergirl" meme wouldn't be on the horizon.

I can't wait for this train wreck to be over.


Sean Dillon said...

I haven't read the King series, but from what I've gathered it really really good (bar one part that has Lois repeatedly die over and over again, which is needlessly cruel and doesn't fit with the rest of the series. That one should come out in September? There's also a Superman/Haunted Tank team up in that issue).

Anonymous said...

You've stirred up my enthusiasm for a ton of stuff.

I'm growing fond of mini and maxi series - they give readers clear on and off ramps, creators get those too, and maybe they even give readers more of a reason to stay around - as in "I already invested in 3 or 4 issues, I might as well stick around till the end." (Which is how I have been feeling with Heroes in Crisis, and I am sure I'm not the only one.) On the other hand, new readers might just skip a series knowing it will end soon, rather than jump on board in the middle. A business case can be made either way.

I might not want to buy a Lois Lane or Jimmy Olsen title indefinitely, but can see checking out their first series at least. (And usually once I start something, it's hard to give it up. I almost never do.) The creative teams on these books will be excellent.


Anonymous said...

Has the 5YL volume been officially cancelled? DC has been weird about trades lately, announcing them and then dropping them once people notice they're no longer solicited. I hope that's not the case with this book.

William Ashley Vaughan said...

POSSIBLE SPOILERS I think I know where Bendis is going in aging Jon. I agree that Superman #13 heralds the return of the Legion or at least a 21st century equivalent. I suspect that Bendis aged Jon so that he could be this Legion's Superboy or, at least, the Superboy who inspires the creation of the 31st century Legion. Wouldn't it be great if we see the birth of a 21st century proto-Legion and Supergirl is also part of it or Jon and Supergirl go to the future to join the actual Legion?END OF POSSIBLE SPOILERS

Anj said...

Thanks for great comments!

Love the creative teams.
Like the idea of maxiseries.

And the idea of Superboy/Jon headlining the Legion is great.

Martin Gray said...

I want nothing more than a Legion 1000 years in the future - much as I love LEGION, I don't want it as the only Legion property out there. Let both Kara and Jon be recruited; I could see Jon moving to the future for an extended period (NPI). Heck, it's not like his parents would notice his absence.

How fab that it's so long since Jimmy had a regular series that Mr Action's classic outfit is cool again. Er, not that Jimmy had that look as Mr Action, but you know what I mean. Please let Meg Tempest be in there!

I'm hoping that 'what kind of Supergirl will emerge?' is typical nonsense-hype. DC have to know by now that, once again, angry Kara was unpopular.

I realise the 'they' pronoun wasn't used, but I wouldn't be at all surprised were The Thorn's daytime ID to now be Roy Forrest.