Thursday, January 31, 2019

April 2019 Solicitations

Last week, the DC solicits for April were released. You can head to the Newsarama and other sites to review the entirety of the DC line. Here is the link:

It's hard to believe but April marks a year of the Bendis-ification of the Super titles. Last year at this time, we saw the solicits for Action Comics #1000. We then got the weekly Man of Steel in June. And we have been off to the races since.

Of course, this impacted Supergirl as much as anyone. So while April marks the year mark of this redirection, we are only 9 issues into Supergirl's solo title reflecting it. I am starting to hope this 'Supergirl in space' storyline will wrap up soon. I want her hero-ing on Earth.

written by MARC ANDREYKO
variant cover by AMANDA CONNER
The sins of the Circle—revealed! With a galaxy-wide bounty on Supergirl’s head, she, Krypto and Z’ndr must hide out at an abandoned planet until it’s safe enough to continue tracking the Circle’s trail of misdeeds. Unbeknownst to Supergirl, this planet is where the last crystal of Appa Ali Apsa was left to be found for the hidden messages in her other collected crystals to be revealed! Who killed Appa Ali Apsa? What other deeds happened at the hands of Rogol Zaar? Find out here!

Maybe this is a good sign. We are learning secrets. We are getting history of Appa Ali Apsa and Rogol Zaar. So let's bring it on home!

art and cover by STEVE EPTING
variant cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
One by one they fall: A.R.G.U.S.! The D.E.O.! The Kobra Cult! And now, Spyral! Clark Kent and Lois Lane go undercover to find out who is behind all of the attacks on the top-secret and underground organizations of the DC Universe! Is it the rise of a new power in the DCU called Leviathan? Named one of the best comics of the year by Paste magazine!

Lois and Clark undercover doing investigative journalism! Excellent.
I like this idea of someone destabilizing the stabilizing forces of the DCU like ARGUS and the DEO. And the idea that they are also attacking criminal organizations is slick too. Bring on Skull!

Is it too easy to guess that is Talia and Ubu over on the right?

art and cover by IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO
variant cover by ADAM HUGHES
Superman and Superboy venture forth into the cosmos to stop Jor-El before he tips the galaxy into utter chaos. Also, Superman would like to have a word with his father about what happened to his son. All this and the fate of General Zod. “The Unity Saga” continues in the pages of SUPERMAN, named one of the best superhero comics of 2018 by Paste magazine!

At least three more months of Jor-El. Even more than Supergirl's space trip, I am hoping for this Jor-El saga to end. And please let it end with this not being the real Jor-El. Can't stand all the heroes beings steeped in gray.

written by PETER J. TOMASI
cover by DAN MORA
Takron-Galtos, the prison planet, may be behind them—but in order to beat the Gang and get home, the boys must saddle up to survive a wild wild world of the west! An unlikely guide on this lawless planet might just help Superboy and Robin survive…but what in the west world is Jonah Hex doing out here in space?! Hold on to your hats, this one’s going to be a bucking good time!

The Gang is still around. I have to assume they are the glue holding all these wacky adventures together. Jonah Hex on Takron-Galtos? This seems to be more of a Justice League 3001 story than anything else.

As always, just glad to read this Jon and Damian while I can

designed by ANT LUCIA
sculpted by TIM MILLER
Action! Gadgets! Flight! BOMBSHELLS! The DC Bombshells Celebration statue has all this and more. Crafted from an illustration by Ant Lucia, this epic piece brings two of the most beloved heroes in the Bombshells universe—Batgirl and Supergirl—together at last. Cast in polyresin, the statue captures the dynamic details from Lucia’s art.
$250.00 US

I'm not a fan of the Supergirl bustier look of Bombshells. But for those who are, a Batgirl/Supergirl statue showcasing that look will also be available. Love the Supergirl pose. Great stuff there. But just not for me.

I am hoping by the Summer the super-books will coalesce into one big crossover. Bring Supergirl back, have her tell Superman all she's learned, and have them team up to finally take care of Rogol Zaar.


Martin Gray said...

Yes please to the space story ending, and to this being Earth 3 Jor or whatever, and i really want Jon to be his old age again.

Anonymous said...

Supergirl's solicit appears to suggests the present story arc is actually getting anywhere. I also hope it is ending Kara is back to live Earth's adventures.

Action Comics sounds good.

Superman sounds like one of the last Superman stories I would want to read. Absolutely nothing about it sounds remotely appealing. I want the Mr. Oz nonsense undone, gone and forgotten, but I fear it'll be Jor-El's Albatross moment.

"Can't stand all the heroes beings steeped in gray."

You really need to stop sounding reasonable, Anj.

Regarding Super-Sons... Honestly, I'm getting tired of the Gang.

A DC Bombshells statue at this point, months after the book crashed and burned down? And featuring SG and BG, two characters maybe didn't even meet each other? Strange, but it's a nice, if expensive statue, and I'll never object to merchandise featuring both heroes together.

Off-topic: The Super-Pets movie has already an official release date!

Anonymous said...

I can just hope that Supergirl's book is getting somewhere but everything just feels like she stumbles onto things rather than legitimately doing any research for finding it. Sigh, please let this arc be over, it's worse than new52

Anonymous said...

Wow all these solicits tell me re. Super girl is "Hold On To Your Hats Kids, Cuz Nothing is About to Happen!!" Ergo three more months of filler material while the creatives meander around trying to figure out why "Supergirl in Spaaaaa-ace" is such a great idea.
I am beginning to have dark ideations that even if she was to return to Earth and her largely forgotten supporting cast In Triumph, it'd be too late to save the book.


Professor Feetlebaum said...

"...three more months of filler material..."

It DOES seem like Andreyko is stretching things out to accommodate the trade paperback. Back in the day, this storyline would have been over and done in 3-4 issues. While Supergirl is in space, an occasional "meanwhile, back in National City" scene would be nice, but it doesn't look like we're going to get any.

Considering DC's past history with Supergirl, I can't help but think that when this current arc finally ends, and Kara returns to Earth, we'll have to go through yet another "bold new direction".

Anonymous said...

I don't know that I am as pessimistic about the Supergirl space arc - Space is a big place, and this conspiracy is a very old hidden one. It makes sense it should take considerable time for Supergirl to get to the bottom of it.

Issue #29 sounds like it will be providing new insights. I am hopeful.

I'm loving these Action Comics covers by Steve Epting. Picked up #1007 yesterday and I think it's a great cover.