Tuesday, May 22, 2018

New Creative Team/New Look For Supergirl Announced

In what has to be deemed tremendous news, we learned yesterday that the Supergirl title has not been cancelled and will be back on the shelves this summer! Supergirl #21 ... not even a renumbering! Hooray! ... will be out in August!

Over on Syfy.com, it was announced that Marc Andreyko and Kevin Maguire will be the new creative team. Andreyko then does an brief interview about the book. Here is a link:

Now first off, I definitely like Andreyko as a writer, especially his work on Manhunter. So I really feel like Kara is in good hands there. And I have gushed about Kevin Maguire on this blog many many times. I can't wait to see him drawing Kara monthly. So I am grateful for that announcement.

We also get Terry Dodson on the cover of the first issue of the new direction. And in the story, Kara will sport at least four new outfits as designed by Jorge Jimenez. So more artists I love are attached to the title. This is great news. While my beloved red skirt is gone on the more classic outfit, at least the long point sleeves remain. And I like the wide gold belt. Nice touch. Okay, onto the article itself.

I'll say again, I am thrilled the book is staying around. My thoughts on specifics coming up.
The new Eisner Award-winning creative team of writer Marc Andreyko and artist Kevin Maguire is taking over the title and taking Kara in an entirely new direction.The new designs will be part of the current storyline introduced with issue #21, which will send Supergirl on a cosmic quest to learn more about Rogol Zaar.

For Andreyko, Supergirl is a character that holds a special place in his heart. “It’s really exciting for me to get to write Kara,” he said. “Some of my favorite Supergirl stories were obviously things like Crisis On Infinite Earths, the first comic to make me cry as a kid. There was also the great stories that Paul Levitz did with artists Keith Giffen and Steve Lightle back in Legion of Super-Heroes back in the 80s. To get to play with that characters is such a treat"

Okay, I get that linking Supergirl up to the Bendis storyline makes sense for the DCU. And any time you talk Supergirl and Cosmic Adventures, I'll probably smile. But one thing I am taking with a grain of salt is her heading off world.

I have been craving Supergirl stories where she embraces Earth as her new home. It hasn't always been that way in the New 52. We finally had a Kara recently (in the Perkins run and the Orlando run) that was a hero for Earth. She was happy. This was her world. She had friends, famil, a significant other. She was the hero of National City. She was smiling. As readers we saw that she was finally accepting who she was and accepting Earth as home. So I am hoping this isn't a 3 year plan of her being in space. I like seeing her interact with people, heroes, and her family. 

Having Levitz' Legion be his foundation makes me think he gets her character.  

The solicitation blurb for your debut issue, #21, says Kara goes off into space to learn more about Rogol Zaar. Safe to say we’re getting a big cosmic Supergirl story?

The baseline story is very big. She’s trying to learn why he does what he does, where he comes from, and if there’s anyone else involved with him. It’s a detective story in space. She’s looking for answers to the questions that have been raised by Rogol Zaar. There will be familiar faces, some new faces, all sorts of challenges facing her, and also some potentially new supporting characters who will hopefully be well-received and stick around for awhile.

First off, I love Terry Dodson's art and that is a gorgeous cover. Don't know if like Kara carrying a battle axe. I hope it isn't a long term weapon accessory.It looks like Rogol Zaar’s so maybe it has plot significance.

Another worry I have when characters go off into space on a personal mission is if the book can have a true supporting cast. I could see this being a 'planet of the month' adventure. At least we hear that the plan is a supporting cast. Of course this means no Danvers, no Ben Ruben, no Belinda Zee, no Lar-On and Cameron Chase. Just like before that we lost Maxima, Michael, and Siobhan. I suppose we could run into some of Perkin's Crucible folks in space again. But it is a shame we are losing the whole atmosphere of Rebirth.

What is it about Supergirl as a character that interests you as a writer, and made you want to tackle her in an ongoing?

She’s a fascinating character because technically, she’s older than Clark. He was a baby when he came to Earth. She was already a teenager when Krypton got destroyed. Unlike Clark, who grew up around humans, she lost everyone she knew and loved. For her to come to Earth and take on the mantle of Supergirl as a way of qualifying herself as Superman’s cousin, there’s a lot of interesting mental and emotional ground to explore with Kara and finding her place in the universe. She’s dealing with a lot of stuff that she buried and was stirred up by Rogol Zaar’s appearance. The external journey of her going on this quest through space mimicks her internal, emotional journey in finding out who she is and where she fits in. Your characters always have to have an emotional journey. 

Here is another of Jimenez's outfits. This one look like the stealth mission version complete with dark colors and cloak. Kind of hits me in the Nightwing/Flamebird vein.

And, of course, Kara finding her place after the tragedy is core to the character. But she's still a young hero. I suppose the Orlando run had her find her place in the world so that now she could move on to the universe. And frankly, we have seen it all too often with this character. From the end of Gates run to the Bedard run to the Johnson/Perkins run to now Orlando, this Kara has dealt with pain and accepted Earth at least 4 times In the last 10 years. Now we’ll do it in space? I hope she finds her way back to Earth at some point. 

Who are some of these familiar faces we'll see? Green Lantern is one of them, correct? 

That ventures into really big spoiler territory so I will say that there are some classic space DC characters that we haven’t seen in awhile. But that’s as specific as I’m going to get for fear of alarming the DC Spoiler Police across the hall from me (laughs).  

Okay, this is the next costume. I like this one as the 'hanging out on the ship' outfit. It has the sweats and a hoodie feel of a Saturday afternoon.

Folks I'd like to see guest star? Vril Dox. Maxima. Lobo. And Hyathis.

Let's talk about the new costumes Kara will be wearing. Jorge Jimenez designed them. What's the inspiration and reasoning behind the new looks?

The primary one that’s on the cover to issue #21, that glorious Terry Dodson cover, is not a permanent new costume. She’s traveling in space, so there’s a lot of technical stuff she has to adapt to and be concerned about. Having a costume that can adapt to different environments and planets that might not have access to a yellow sun is important. It’s part of her arsenal now, but it’s not a permanent costume change. It’s a ‘what suit is most effective for where she is and what she has to do’ costume. It’s a practical costume, and the details around it will be revealed in the first few issues.

One thing I like about multiple costumes is that it harkens back to the Adventure Comics days when she was in something new all the time.

That said, I hope the classic blue skirt outfit is her 'default'.


So hooray the book isn't being cancelled.
Hooray for the creative team. And double hooray for a monthly dose of Kevin Maguire Kara.
I’ll go in with an open mind even though this seems like another new beginning for a character who had seemed to find herself at the end of the Orlando run. Another soul search? I'll be hoping this space story meshes nicely with the character. I hope she eventually ends up back on Earth. And please ... no axe.

What do you all think??


Anonymous said...

Extremely happy that the book isn't cancelled. Too many cancellations, reboots, new beginnings and new directions have hurt the character and her fanbase since 1971.

That Terry Dodson's cover is terrific, but... An axe? Being somewhat acquainted with the Warhammer 40,000 franchise I find funny that not long after becoming a rage-fueled warrior Kara is wielding an axe and dressing a red-and-black uniform as travelling across space.

I can't make up my mind about Kara's new costume. It is cool or merely trying to too hard to be cool? The axe is cool or too aggressive? I like her blue suit, though. Nice Silver Age homage.

I'm somewhat worried about Kara having a long space adventure. It means no interaction with the main universe and cast for a while. Then again, such a scenario is relatively fresh, can lead to unusual interactions with other heroes and lure new readers in.

At the very least, it has to be better than the way Kara left Earth in the last issue #21...

Who will she be interacting with? She'll meet Green Lanterns. She'll run into Guy Garder and her Red Lantern time will be acknowledged? If I remember correctly, the solicits told she'll have a very unexpected partner. Who can it be? Barbara? Jessica? We dare to hope for a Legionnaire?

Andreyko citing Crisis on Infinite Earths, and Levitz and Giffen's Legion is interesting. That Supergirl was mature, kind-hearted, compassionate and at the same time, fierce, quick-tempered and with a snarky side. Will Andreyko is basing her Supergirl on her?

It'll be interesting, at the very least.

Anonymous said...

Great news of course! So, DC didn't "forget" the "FINAL ISSUE" on #20. They aren't as stupid as we thought. Should have given them more credit.

Personally, I like those Supergirl space adventures. There were a whole bunch of good ones in 2008 - #23, #24, #25, #30, #32. And the Red Lanterns more recently -- and they became a family.

Amanda Conner drew the #21 variant, and it's an "outer space" spoiler, so it's clear that Lanterns (of some color) are involved.

Conner also drew the marvelous Wednesday Comics story of 2009, and one variant cover that I know of from 2010 (#58, an homage cover). Has she done more work on Supergirl?

Here's a book dedicated to her work, including 2 pages from the Wednesday Comics:


-- "some classic space DC characters that we haven't seen in awhile"

Father-surrogate Guy Gardner and conflicted friend Bleez? Are they still around?

Regarding the costume: while we knew where the New 52 costume came from (it's alien - from Krypton), I think we know nothing about the Rebirth costume. Who made it, when and why?

This new costume is conceptually much more interesting. It's a fresh idea for Supergirl to make it adaptable as needed, and as such my guess is these 4 examples are just that - examples. If it's adaptable, this costume has to be tech; or AI; or a symbiote; or, mind-stuff. I'm thinking of the Lanterns again - after all, where did her Red Lantern costume appear from or disappear to, and where did her regular costume go? That was all ring-mind-magic.

So if you don't like these costumes - I guess wait until next month! Or, maybe even, next page.

Anyway, these are no longer boots; they can't be. They look like tights, then maybe some short boots or socks, ending in ballet slippers or flats. An eccentric melange of looks. I think Kara may just have a unique fashion sense, and this is what she mentally conjures up. I wouldn't do any better.

So, let's say she meets up with the Green Lanterns, and they give her something to help on her journey. Maybe not exactly a ring. Are there "ringlets?" Honorary semi-rings? Maybe a rusty old power battery no one is using?

Is it just an accident that she was drawn here with green eyes, when her eyes are actually blue? (Except on the cover - there, her eyes are a cool silver, perhaps reflecting the battle axe.) Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight, SuperMAN gets a Bold New Direction from A Fan Fave Creative while SuperGIRL gets "a super wardrobe" and a chance to run errands for her cousin off planet!!
Golly if it isn't 1971 again, then it sure seems like its 1960...
BTW Black is the worst possible color for a Supergirl costume, excepting perhaps Pink...and the hood is plainly ridiculous, its overreach in every way. And yeah, Supergirl's "Bold New Direction" pretty much sounds like the other five plot line reboots over the last ten years. When it comes to Supergirl DC seems to obsessively plow up the same ground over and over.
Oh well at least the book isn't cancelled, but honestly the whole thing seems like a very wearisome time loop.


Anonymous said...

I wrote above re: the costume(s). My first reaction to the costume was not favorable, but it's growing on me. I like the hood.

BTW I also mentioned the Amanda Conner variant cover, but now I'm not sure if I actually saw it, though the solicitations do say she draws it. But there is another cover shown here in this article:


That looks like it has a Dodson signature. So - is this a cover that will not be used? Or will this be the actual cover that gets released? Or a later cover?

Doesn't look like she's making any Lantern friends there. My Lantern theory is sounding more like fanfic.

And -- those are definitely NOT boots! Not with visible calf muscles. Those are tights.

Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

I want to read this... But at the same time, do I really want to read this? Kara wielding an axe certainly hasn't done my optimism for this new run any favours. And the classic blue dress (of course it's classic) just reminds me of Joe Kelly's run (an unfortunate stain on an otherwise super character (personal opinion)). This new direction is starting at issue 21, so I'm assuming this Kara will have the same level of compassion and benevolence, hopefully. (Though I’m aware of course that she won't be exactly the same, being that it's a new direction with a new creative team.)

I think I'm just tired of all the relaunches, all the restarts. And I'm certainly tired of investing myself emotionally in a character that, quite frankly, history has taught me either won't last long, or they'll get it so wrong that I lose even more confidence in DC.

Maybe I’ll wait before deciding one way or the other whether I’ll buy this book. I’m sure they will release more news about this title that could either sway me or dissuade me in the near future.

Thank you, Anj. I appreciate this platform, and I love hearing your thoughts on anything associated with Supergirl comics.

Anonymous said...

Glad the book's coming back, but you're far too charitable about the new costumes. Except for the one that actually looks like Supergirl, the rest are things of hideousness and horror.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the new blue dress. Her first outfit has always held a special place in my heart. I also love the black/blue/red suit. I have wanted Kara to get closer to Supes and Superboy. Going off into space won't help that, but at least we will see Kara/Kal interactions in the mini.

While I also feel everything you guys have been mentioning, I am really digging this Space Detective stuff, so I'm all ok with letting my wishes go on the back burner to where this takes us.

To quote two famous scientist:

Martin Gray said...

Great to hear your thoughts, I pretty much share them. Oh for a sustained period of Supergirl on Earth, a confident heroine with a place in the worked, a supporting cast and her own Rogue’s Gallery. I’m not fond of the space exile/quest trope.

The proper new costume is mainly nice, though I’m not fond of the thigh-high boots with yellow tippy toes. Still, could be worse >cough. New 52<

William Ashley Vaughan said...

According to the SyFy interview with Andreyeko, the ax is Rogol Gaar's. I think Supergirl is keeping it around as a clue to his history rather than as a weapon for her to wield. It does make her look a little like Supergirl the Barbarian though. I think I just came up with DC's next direction for Kara after this one finishes up.

Seriously, I do like the idea of Supergirl as a detective in space. It isn't something that anyone has really tried before and she certainly has the sharp wits and scientific intelligence for it to be credible. I can't wait to see her build her own spaceship. As for her supporting cast, I suspect that her cover for her jaunt into space will be a summer vacation as Kara Danvers. Whenever the space plotline is finished, Andreyeko can return her and whichever of his supporting cast he wants to keep around to earth and Orlando's supporting cast. At least I hope this is what he does

I love the Supergirl classic costume. The gold belt is an inspired addition and nicely matches the gold in her s shield. I am not so thrilled by the other costumes, but I do like the idea of Kara wearing a special costume for red sun planets so that she doesn't lose her superpowers or at least has an acceptable substitute for them on hand.

Anj, if you haven't already, maybe you should commemorate the new direction with a review of Action Comics #338 "The Villain Who Married Supergirl" by Jerry Siegel and Jim Mooney which originated the idea of a villain claiming to have destroyed Krypton. It was reprinted in an issue of Superman Family if you don't have Action Comics #338 and it is a little over your budget.
I have to admit that the ending shocked me when I first read it. I would love to know what you think of it

Professor Feetlebaum said...

Finally, some news about Supergirl! I will admit, I didn't expect DC to announce a new Supergirl title until at least the end of Bendis's Man of Steel series, so reading about this yesterday was a nice surprise. And of course, there was no guarantee that we would get a new Supergirl title any time at all.

I'm happy they're picking up the numbering at 21 rather than starting over (again) with a new number 1. Someday, many years from now, I would like to walk into a comic shop and pick up Supergirl # 100! Funny thing, the new Superman title WILL be starting again with # 1, so Kara's book will actually have a higher number than her cousin's.
(Although if both titles ever go back to legacy numbering, Supergirl would start at 241, while Superman would pick up at 800 something.)

I wonder if Marc Andreyko will continue with Orlando's "I choose Earth so we can save each other's lives", or if he'll pick up on Sterling Gates's "Help, hope and compassion for all"?

As for Supergirl's new mission, I kind of like the idea of Kara playing space detective for a while. FOR A WHILE. But I agree that she needs to get back to earth and National City and a steady supporting cast. Hopefully, her adventures in space will just be the first story arc. I wouldn't want Kara to go the Hal Jordan route, who spends all of his time in space as Green Lantern these days, and has no life on earth.

I like the new blue skirt costume-reminiscent of Kara's classic Silver Age look. I would love to see a red skirt variation. In fact, I wouldn't mind seeing a variety of outfits, provided they mostly stuck with the classic colors. I'm not that crazy about the other costumes shown, but if they're used sparingly, for special occasions, I don't mind.

It was also announced that Super Sons would return in a mini series "Adventures of the Super Sons" ( I like that title). Tomassi will be writing it. Only thing is, these stories are all taking place BEFORE the Man of Steel series, as Jon is missing in the upcoming series. Hope everything there turns out alright.

Anj said...

Thanks all for excellent comments. Great discussion.

I guess we need to see what exactly is ‘the mission’ to understand her motives. But I still hope she returns to Earth and says it’s her home.

I’ve read Action 338 and it’s Kara at her most chilling. Might be good to review.

Yes, the axe is Zaar’s. I wonder if it provides clues for the quest. I’d hate to think she’d wield the weapon of the person who blew up Krypton. Like Bruce using Joe Chill’s gun.

Anyways, thanks for thoughts. Helps me a ton.

Gear said...

Glad to know the book is back on the schedule.

The costumes are interesting, though the scarf-cape thing hanging down between Kara’s legs looks pretty odd. But a change of clothes is always welcome.

Anj, like you I’m disappointed we’re not going to get much follow up on the events or characters from Orlando’s run. Or any if the others perhaps. It can be hard to stay invested when the book keeps getting a warm reboot and everything changes. Kara seems doomed to never have a rogues gallery or cast of memorable characters because every cook wants to change things up. That’s getting really old.

The premise seems to be based in “events spinning out of Superman”, so I guess we’ll know more soon enough. The last few times we got adventures originating elsewhere but carrying their stories into Supergirl included things like the H’El arcs and New Krypton, so I’ll reserve judgement. But honestly, I want Supergirl’s adventures to be hers, not support stories fir someone else.

I’m iffy on Andreyko because of his Batwoman run, but Maguire is a great addition. It’ll be nice seeing Maguire’s take on things.

Anyway, nice to have the book back. I can go back to buying Superman books in September.

Jude Deluca said...

Anj, I hope you're able to find something you want out of this run and at the very least I pray you'll be happy with it even if you didn't get the results you hoped for.

As for me, not interested. The concept and premise do nothing for me, I have no desire to support anything pertaining or related to Bendis (I will not support the man who wrote House of M and Civil War II), I still remember how awful Andreyko's Batwoman run was (he almost turned one of my favorite Batman villains into a rapist what the hell), and all I can see is another round of cameos and continuity gags referring to the 80s Legion and I will have no part in it. I'd had already lost interest in Steve Orlando's Supergirl months before it ended, and there wasn't even that much beyond wanting to see what he'd do with Selena and Belinda Zee, so I don't feel like supporting the relaunched title.

I don't know, Anj. I really do hope you guys are happy with this, but I just don't care-no, I just don't WANT to care anymore.

KET said...

The hoodie look seems kind of derivative of Spider-Gwen, and the crotch sash doesn't appear practical. New mission makes Kara out to be 'Super-Errand-Girl' for her cousin, but I suppose somebody got to be the off-planet historian for awhile. Kevin Maguire art is the primary draw for me on this continuation.


William Ashley Vaughan said...

I'm willing to give Andreyeko a fair chance with Supergirl. He did a terrific job with Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman '77, so we know he's capable of doing classic DC superheroines right.

Anonymous said...

"Anj, if you haven't already, maybe you should commemorate the new direction with a review of Action Comics #338 "The Villain Who Married Supergirl" by Jerry Siegel and Jim Mooney which originated the idea of a villain claiming to have destroyed Krypton."

Mm... Superboy Vol 1 #67 had the same plot and came out in 1958.

Professor Feetlebaum said...

"Superboy Vol 1 #67 had the same plot and came out in 1958."

Not surprising. Recycling plots and story ideas from several years back was something done fairly frequently in those days.

Anonymous said...

"I have no desire to support anything pertaining or related to Bendis (I will not support the man who wrote House of M and Civil War II)"

Bendis has nothing to do with this.

And although I hate both House of M and Civil War II; his Superman is being surprisingly good so far.

"and all I can see is another round of cameos and continuity gags referring to the 80s Legion"

Three issues in, and there hasn't been 80's Legion cameos or continuity gags at all. Not that it'd be a bad thing, per se. Honestly, it sounds like you were looking for excuses for disliking it.

"and I will have no part in it."

A pretty strange sentence. You aren't writing, drawing, inking coloring, lettering or editing the comic. You didn't even manufacture or transport the raw materials. Even if you kept buying and reading, you would have no part in it.

"I don't know, Anj. I really do hope you guys are happy with this, but I just don't care-no, I just don't WANT to care anymore."

... God, I was right. You WERE looking for excuses for not liking it.