Tuesday, December 5, 2017

DC Superhero Girls: Dog Day After School

I haven't reported on DC Superhero Girls cartoon shorts for a long time. It isn't due to lack of interest. They remain a fun little intro to the characters for kid.

But when they are Supergirl-centric and appropriate for the current climate, I feel obliged.

Recently, Supergirl starred in "Dog Day After School" (a nice pun for adults who remember Dog Day Afternoon) and as the name implies it involves a pooch. Given the recent reintroduction of the Super-Pets, I felt covering this now made perfect sense.

We start out with Supergirl flying her version of the super-mobile around the Metropolis skyline.

I have no idea why she would be flying a rocket instead of just flying. Perhaps there is a toy out there?

But the flight is interrupted when her 'Kryptonian proxmity alert' goes off. Is she that worried about other Kryptonians being both alive and around that she wants it available? That also seemed weird.

It turns out she is worried that maybe the alarm means that Kryptonian criminals have escaped the Phantom Zone. As that would be a tremendous disaster, I guess having an early warning alarm makes sense.

Batgirl is able to tell that it wasn't a malfunction. The alert triggered appropriately.

I love the worried look on Supergirl's face when hearing the news. She is sort of worried about the criminals. Maybe there is a back story there? Or are they simply like the boogey men of Krypton in her mind?

A team of heroes - Supergirl, Hawkgirl, and Beast Boy - head out to try to track down whatever triggered the alarm.

A quick loop of the city finds a number of fire hydrants knocked over.

And then a huge number of cats come scurrying around a corner as if being chased by something or someone. Luckily Catwoman arrives with her Cat-van to shelter them.

If you take a step back, you'll realize the team has an animal theme to it - Hawkgirl, Catwoman, and Beast Boy. Hmmm ...

Then the coffee shop run by Steve Trevor gets torn apart by something moving so fast that it is just a white blur.

There are just too many yummy treats in there for this thing to resist.

Ultimately, the team corners the perpetrator in the alley behind the store. It has the 'angry red eyes of anger'. Catwoman readies her whip. Beast Boy becomes a bear. It looks like it might come down to a 'tooth and claw' battle.

But then who comes bounding out and jumps into Kara's arms? Krypto!

And in this universe, Krypto is her dog. (I'm not even sure. Do Superman and Batman exist in this universe?) She is thrilled to have another piece of home and normalcy here on Earth now. And it is apparent that the schoolgrounds will have a new pet.

As usual, this is a fun little episode. There is something of a nice depth to Kara here, from her fear of the Phantom Zone criminals to her love of Krypto. As usual, Beast Boy is a comic relief character, trying to 'meow' some sense of calm into the cat crowd who simply ignore him.

And I haven't seen too much of Catwoman before so she was a nice addition.

I love DC Superhero Girls.


Anonymous said...

I really liked this episode.

I found the 'Kryptonian alert' weird but funny in a "Are you seriously carrying a can of shark-repellent spray around? I've need it, haven't I?" Batman kind of way. I guess it makes sense since Phantom Zoners are a concern in this universe.

Seeing Krypto is always a delight. And yes, Superman exists in this universe. In the first episode of S2, Wonder Woman states Supergirl is Superman's cousin and she shows Superman's statue to Kara; and Kara always calls the Kents "Uncle John" and "Aunt Martha".

I guess Shea Fontana is streamlining the lore. It's easier to say Krypto is her dog. Or maybe he is "her" dog in the sense that he's her family's dog.

Of course, if since her dog has made his appearance I hope to see her cat: In "Spaced Out", Coach Wildcat is complaining about students bringing their pets to school such like kangas (WW reference!), cats, alien worms...

And how adorable is to see Kara hugging Krypto like that?

Anonymous said...

Toldya she was "A Dog Person"! I can easily see Kara reading her english assigment very dutifully while idly petting Krypto's shaggy head loyally drowsing in her super lap.


Anonymous said...

If anything as always DCSHG is total peppy fun and I love the characters in it...Supergirl notwithstanding.

But it's also great to see Krypto show up. But guys...isn't Streaky Supergirl's pet? The supercat should show up as well.

And as for the rocket, yeah, just a little Mattel tie-in...although rumor's going around Mattel and Hasbro could merge.

Anonymous said...

I think we're getting Krypto because Shea is a dog person. I don't mind. I would have preferred Streaky myself, but Shea is making DCSHG such a continously wonderful thing that she proved she can deliver amazing stuff while mucking around with canon. Loving the scenes with Kara and Krypto. It's going to be fun to see Krypto's role in Spaced Out. I really hope that Shea will still have a big creative part after Lauren Faust's interpretation comes out.

Anonymous said...

Agree with 1st Anon that S2E1 mentioned Superman, so Krypto makes sense from that perspective. Far as I know though,
there's no toy yet for the super vehicles, with the exception of a Lego version of the Batjet. Who knows, it may be
in the pipeline.

I also had to chuckle at Catwoman being shown, especially since she hasn't really been shown or had any speaking lines
up to this point.

Thanks again for sharing, Anj. And agree, LOVE DCSHG, and LOVE when Supergirl's shown in DCSHG!


Anonymous said...

If you are counting legos, there is also Supergirl's rocket, WW's invisible jet, Harley's rocket and Ivy's Motorcycle in the DCSHG line.

Anonymous said...

Forgot WW's motorcycle and Harley's skateboard and Batgirl's Prison Van... Rmours has it there is also rumors of a Batgirl Batcycle in the pipeline

Anonymous said...

... And Bumblebees helicopter