Tuesday, March 15, 2016

DC Animated Supergirl Bust

I have been floored with the amount of Supergirl merchandise which has been hitting the market lately. Certainly the popularity of the show has thrust the character into the spotlight a bit. But from action figures to statues to plush toys, she is everywhere.

And I thought I was on top of it.

Somehow a Diamond Select Supergirl:Superman The Animated Series resin bust slipped through the radar. So I was surprised to head into my comic store and see this beauty on the shelf. I couldn't resist.

I have always been a fan of the Timm-verse Supergirl and this statue captures her spirit nicely. The clenched fist and hand on hip shows how she was sort of sassy, impetuous young hero in the shows. Her expression is a bit serious but the body language is nice.

The pedestal is also nice, a sort of art deco building cap which also works nicely.

For this version of the character I don't mind the short cape. There is some energy to this with the cape blowing to the side.

And I love the hair pulled back in the black headband.

I have always wondered if somehow Bruce Timm 'Jedi mind tricked' me into liking this incarnation even more by giving her classic Gwen Stacy hair.

There isn't anything special about the box although the yellow dots are a little suggestive of classic Who's Who pages.

The back has the origin of the animated Supergirl.

Remember this was Kara In-Ze from the planet Argo.

Another addition to the collection. An unanticipated one!

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