Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Best Of Supergirl 2015, Part 2 of 3: Commissions And Merchandise

Welcome to Best of Supergirl 2015, part two.

With the show review behind us and before heading into tomorrow's Top Ten Supergirl Comic Moments of 2015, I figured I would put together something of a hodge podge post covering my year in commissions and the Supergirl merchandise solicited.

This has overall been a very good year for the character, starting with the advent of the television show and continuing with merchandising and her appearance in other media outlets.

But personally it was a very good year for me when it came to commissions as well.What I like about seeing this montage of all the sketches is the range of artists on the list.

I got commissions from legends Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Mike Grell.
I got commissions from newcomers Erica Henderson, Annie Wu, and Joelle Jones.
And I got commissions from established artists Yanick Paquette and Darick Robertson.
I think it is cool it broke down that way.

I also find it interesting that the 'hot pants' Bronze Age outfit was the costume in half of this year's commissions. I think I may start expanding the collection to other versions of the costume, maybe depending on the artist's strengths or interest level.

As for merchandise, Supergirl continues to be a popular subject for statues and figures.

Here is the 'Femme Fatale' statue which featured the Timm-verse white t-shirt costume. While I wouldn't consider Kara a femme fatale, I think this is a fun piece.

A statue based on the television show costume was recently solicited. This looks lovely.

And there was also a recent solicit for an action figure based on Darwyn Cooke's take on the character. I am most excited that this includes Krypto and Streaky.

There was also a very large Sideshow Collectibles statue of  Supergirl. It features her in the Michael Turner belly shirt costume. This statue is a bit too pricey and a bit too saucy for me as a fan. But I am happy that the powers that be felt she is popular enough to deserve this high end statue.

And while the show is the multimedia darling, Supergirl also made it to another small screen, the computer monitor, when we learned she would be one of the characters showcased in DC Superhero Girls.

The show is a silly sort of romp. It clearly leans on the tone and style of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. The cartoons on the site are true shorts. And while Supergirl hasn't appeared yet, she is described as sweet, awkward, and fun loving. Sounds pretty good to me.

I also love the look with the golf shirt, Chuck Taylors, and gold trimmed skirt.

While I haven't seen any quite yet, there have been plenty of sneak peeks of all sort of DC Superhero Girls stuff, from toys to clothes, to action figures and dolls.

The site is a lot of fun and could be a nice gateway for young kids.

Lastly, you know that Supergirl is starting to sink in to public consciousness when you see things like this.

She was in a Jeopardy clue. Now that is reaching into the mainstream world.

So we have a great show and toys and statues of Supergirl in 2015. But what about her in comics?



Gene said...

I'll take Kick Ass Female Superheroes for 200 Alex.

Anonymous said...

Well after Jeopardy has to come the other you know you've made it moment...A PUZZLE ON WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Although I wonder if the contestants will have trouble with Melissa's last name.

Anonymous said...

"there have been plenty of sneak peeks of all sort of DC Superhero Girls stuff, from toys to clothes, to action figures and dolls."

Speaking of dolls...here is DC Superhero Girls Supergirl in her cute, cuddly adorkableness