Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! And Thanks To The Sutherlands

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates the holiday!

The purpose of this holiday is for everyone to pause and give thanks for all the things in their lives.

Now I am thankful for my family and feel blessed to be part of the lives of my daughters each day.

But this year I am struck by how many friends I have made via social media. I have a passion for comics and on-line I have been lucky enough to find a circle of friends who share that love. I mean, I have only met a couple of you all in person but I feel like I know you all. I wouldn't dare list you all in fear of forgetting someone. But to the people I interact with almost daily on twitter and on my site, thanks for talking comics with me!

I did want to single out Darrin and Ruth Sutherland who are huge comic fans and run the TrekkerTalk website and podcast. They were at a convention recently and bought me a Neal Adams' Supergirl print and had him sign and personalize it for me! I have seen Adams at plenty of cons, actually seen this print and debated buying it, but have never bit the bullet. So to get this gift in the mail was just fantastic. Thanks so much Ruth and Darrin!

The Sutherlands social media links are:
Twitter: @TrekkerTalk
In particular, for Supergirl fans, the two discuss Ron Randall's run on Supergirl on a recent TrekkerTalk podcast.
Anyways, for all celebrating, feel free to feast on turkey and sides!

And thanks again to all my buddies here!

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Martin Gray said...

That is just gorgeous, and yeah, the Sutherlands are ace!

I'm thankful for this site, and your friendship.