Thursday, May 7, 2015

It's Official! Supergirl Is Getting A Television Show!

I have tried to temper my coverage of the Supergirl television show, only posting on true news and not any of the rumors that have been floating around.

So I haven't posted about the rumors of the show not being picked up, heading to the CW, or even being rushed to air as a summer show before the official season begins. Those all seemed to improbable to even bother discussing. And it looks like my Kryptonian intuition (of a super nature) about those rumors were right.

Yesterday, CBS announced its first new show for next season. Supergirl!

The news exploded across the web yesterday afternoon so there are plenty of sites covering this news. There isn't much to report, just the simple statement that the show is a go. Here is Variety's coverage:

And the pertinent blurb:
"Supergirl" is a go at CBS.

CBS has given its first new series pickup for the 2015-16 season to a drama series from exec producer Greg Berlanti and Warner Bros. TV that follows the distaff side of the “Superman” franchise. The series stars Melissa Benoist (“Glee,” “Whiplash”) as the title character. It marks the third DC Comics property that Berlanti’s WBTV-based shop has shepherded for TV, following the success of CW’s “Arrow” and “The Flash.” Another “Flash” spinoff is also in the works at CW.

It is fantastic news. Almost too incredible to believe for an old-timer Supergirl fan like me. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think there would be a Supergirl show on television and that the character would be getting such exposure and coverage. Moreover, this seems to be a high end production with a tremendous cast. Unbelievable.

Some of the cast and production crew went to social media to share the happiness with fans! And it was great to hear their enthusiasm!

So great to read their enthusiasm and excitement.

But perhaps the best image was Melissa Benoist in her costume biting into a celebratory S-shield cake!

Just fantastic news!!

So now I need a time slot and a teaser clip!


Anonymous said...

Happy news indeed Anj! LOVE IT! And that pic of Melissa biting into the cake was -- if you'll pardon the pun -- the icing on the cake.
Great start to a Thursday AM! And TOTALLY agree, a timeslot and teaser / trailer would be the final proof of their commitment to this
series. It's been a long time coming.

You posted a poll about what (super)villans should be on the Supergirl show; may be way too early to speculate on this, but it's only
fair to do a "What (super)allies should be on this show." There's been hints of crossovers between the Arrow / Flash series... and I
for one would be tickled pink to see a Supergirl crossover to either of these series.

Anyone think a Batgirl / Wondergirl teamup is in the future?


elknight20 said...

Fantastic news to hear!!! :)

Anonymous said...

In a strange way, this shows the indestructibility of the character. People have tried to kill off Supergirl, bury her in terrible writing or horrendous editorial decisions, and she keeps coming back stronger and stronger. She has proven to be more powerful than any other character.

Gene said...

Oh Happy Day! :D

"Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think there would be a Supergirl show on television and that the character would be getting such exposure and coverage. Moreover, this seems to be a high end production with a tremendous cast."

Quoted for truth.

These happy days are yours and mine.


Anonymous said...


Wonderful news!

Gerry Beritela

Anonymous said...

Waaal This Is It, "We Are All In".
That is likely Melissa B's last bite of cake for a long time she has to keep her "supergirlish figure" after all.
BTW I guess they aren't gonna "blonde her up" all that much must be too expensive/time consuming to go from secret ID brunette to Supergirl blonde on a TV series.


Anj said...

I am still trying to process this whole thing because it seems so fantastical.

And the most incredible thing is that there hasn't been anything about the show that has sounded off.

Maybe the vocal Supergirl fans' voices were heard?

rollo said...

It would make sense to premiere it midseason and put the pilot after the super bowl, since cbs has it this year. Thoughts?

Anj said...

Can't imagine them waiting that long. But that is a plum spot for publicity.

William Ashley Vaughan said...

Wonderful news. I was also happy to hear that Agent Carter is getting a second season.

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