Saturday, August 9, 2014

Boston Comic Con Quick Update

So I was at the Boston Comic Con yesterday and will be there today and tomorrow as well. So no major post today.

I will say that yesterday was a great day at the con, fun and productive.

First off, I love the convention site ... The Seaport in Boston. Right off the highway, cheap and plentiful parking, and multiple restaurants and pubs within walking distance, all right on the water.

I was able to meet the majority of creators I wanted to yesterday, having nice conversations with Amanda Conner, Marcio Takara, and Mark Waid in particular.

I was able to get the top three commissions I was hoping to get. So the sketch books landed in the hands of Chris Burnham, Cat Staggs, and Marcio Takara. Burnham finished early ... a remarkable piece ... so I was able to then hand the seltchbook over to Daniel Govar.

There is a chance I might be able to get a couple of more sketches today and tomorrow.

Unfortunately Amanda Conner was not sketching so the Grail escaped me once more.

Today I hope to actually shop a little bit for ... gasp ... comics. I spied plenty of $1 boxes to thumb through. I was able to score a great bargain. The hardcover Lois Lane 75 year celebration trade for a mere $5.


William Wade II said...

Glad to see your having fun. I get to experience my first Con this year in Baltimore, and even better I get to do it as a member of the "Press" if you'd so much as call my blog Press worthy lol.

mhr said...

Amanda Conner will not sketch anymore, she's not pleased that those sketches are been sold in hundreds $ on eBay because she feels the price is too excessive and abusive.