Thursday, April 10, 2014

Supergirl Bombshell Variant Cover

Recently DC Comics announced that they would create variant covers based on the Bombshell statues line. Here is that announcement as covered by CBR:

Now, while I like the idea of seeing the DC heroines represented like WW2 Bomber paintings, I'm not interested in buying the Supergirl statue for my collection.

Artist Ant Lucia has revealed a few more of the covers, now available in print form. Here is the article over on IO9:

The Supergirl based cover, seen above, is nice. I like the idea of portraying it as a magazine cover with story headlines. Sad that this is one of the few covers with a happy Supergirl ... and she is 'saving the day'.
It is an interesting commentary on DC's commitment to Supergirl that this is her cover but it won't appear on her book. The list of titles that this could be for are  Action Comics #32, Justice League United #2, Superman/Wonder Woman #9, Batman/Superman #12, Superman #32. I assume the Stargirl cover will be for JLU. So that means the Supergirl cover will be on a Superman title rather than her own.

Don't you think DC should be promoting her book with her variant cover??

Anyways this cover pulls off the bombshell look better than I thought possible so kudos to Lucia.

I would much rather own a statue of Cliff Chiang's 'Atomic Bombshell' version of Supergirl.

 I will say I really like the Wonder Woman and Black Canary covers.


Anonymous said...

Kara Zor El, does not wear rationed nylons with her WWII costume, they'd shred at transonic speed for one thing and our girl is nothing if not thrifty.


Count Drunkula said...

Nice timing, Anj, as I just posted my Black Canary bombshells pin-up today!

I think Supergirl and Hawkgirl's designs kind of straddle the line between '40s deco and Steampunk.

And the more I look at these, the more I long for a team-up book with Black Canary, Supergirl, Hawkgirl and Mera.

Anj said...

Yeah! I'd love some sort of Female only team book and those would be excellent members for a truly fantastic four.

Anonymous said...

That does sound awesome.
I might buy the Wonder Woman alternative cover, that one is fantastic.
As a question, I have never collected any comics merchandize, not that I don't think some of it is pretty cool, but I can't really afford it. I'm curious if it has any economic value on the characters/comics of the specific merchandize I'm buying. For instance, does DC count the Supergirl merchandize as an indicator of the strength of her comic/sales? Or for Wonder Woman? (I'm not really worried about DC canning Batman or Superman any time soon, of course.)

Anj said...

My guess is (and this is guessing) that DC only makes merchandise for characters they think will sell. I don't think they would devote the time for something that won't. So for things like statues/figures/etc they probably monitor prior sales of a character and move on. Since Supergirl seems to have pieces yearly, she must sell relatively well.

As for variants, I think it is different. Comic stores need to order a certain number of books to get a variant cover (usually at least 25 reg per 1 variant). And then stores can price the variants what they want and sell it. Because of supply and demand rules, DC won't put a variant cover on a low seller. The store probably wouldn't order 25 issues to get the cover because they wouldn't recoup the cost.

Mid-sellers like Supergirl might get a boost in store purchases with variants ... that would put more issues on the rack for possible impulse buys.