Saturday, March 8, 2014

This Week's DC Channel 52

A couple of week's ago, the All Access column in the back of every DC comic covered the 'Supergirl-as-Red Lantern' story.

This week, Red Lantern Supergirl story is *the* story of the Channel 52 promo piece at the end of DC Comics.

That's a lot of promotion for the Supergirl character, more than I have seen since her return by Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner. As I have said, I don't necessarily agree with this direction for the character. But if this is a transformative story, done well, and ends up with Supergirl in a better place, I will abide.

One thing I do think is interesting is the reaction to the 'Channel 52' characters ... maybe more aligned with the comic reading populace?

Bethany Snow looks shocked and wonders how Supergirl will deal with the 'napalm and fire-breathing' of the Red Lanterns. I am pretty shocked about this too.

And Ambush Bug looks nauseated.

I am happy that Supergirl is getting her share of publicity. I am hoping I will see a heroic Supergirl in a classic uniform sooner rather than later.


Anonymous said...

No such thing as bad publicity, eh?
-- DW

Thomas Hayes said...

Wow. Is it really the most promotion you've seen for Supergirl since Loeb/Turner? I knew there was a lot - Bedard's been all over the shop being interviewed about her - but didn't realise it was that unusual. Do you think it's more publicity than she got in 2008 at the start of New Krypton?

Anj said...

Hmmm ...

I mean in-house DC publicity. Certainly, the creators have been making the rounds this time and back in the New Krypton days.

But 2 straight weeks in the back material of the mainstream comics? I think it's unprecedented.