Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lobdell Off Superman?? JRJR on?

It is only a rumor.

But Bleeding Cool dropped the bomb that the Superman book is going to have a new creative team. Here is the link:http://www.bleedingcool.com/2014/01/06/who-is-big-enough-to-write-john-romita-jrs-superman/

Now I have never really cared for Romita Jr.'s art (or many of the books he has been on) but he certainly is a name and luring him from Marvel and Indies is a coup for DC. He is a name.

But then there was this nugget!

However that’s only half of the story. I’m being told that he’s being teamed up on a Superman project with an enormously A-List comics writer.

With Pak on Action and Snyder on Unchained, that means we are talking about a miniseries or the Superman book. And if the latter is true, that means Scott Lobdell will be off the book!

The question is who will replace him. Bleeding Cool thinks it might be Mark Millar but that would be like trading arsenic for cyanide. I don't want Millar writing Superman.

So that leaves only a few takers. Johns (now off Aquaman)? Morrison again? Mark Waid??

Any guesses?   


Thomas Hayes said...

Beats me. With all the rumours regarding Man of Steel 2, I've started trying not to think about them if at all possible. I failed to do that with that Wonder Woman rumour and that was a lot of confusion and hype over nothing!

If the rumours I have seen are grounded in fact, we'll get announcements and news articles about them this week, following last week's Sinestro announcement and yesterday's Secret Origins news. These should come before the solicits are published, I'd imagine. Then I'll start thinking about them! I'm also curious to know who'll be taking on art duties on Supergirl, because #29 will be Cinar's last issue - he was only on for four from the start.

Anj said...

Yes, the guessing game and rumor mill can be exhausting.

I didn't know that about Cinar. Has he said that?

Count Drunkula said...

I can't see Mark Waid coming back to DC for all the whisky in Ireland right now, despite his love for Superman.

Bleeding Cool's rumors are usually about half-accurate, so when they say "A-list writer", I would take that with a grain of salt. That could be a lot of hype, it could be one of their hot new writers like Tom Taylor, or it could be a best-selling novelist with some comics experience, like Brad Meltzer or someone.

Anj said...

I would love for Mark Waid to return but I know that is a pipe dream.

I don't think that bridge was burned, it was blown up like at the end of Bridge over the river Kwai.

Too bad. He handled all DC characters with just the right touch.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it isn't someone from outside the industry...a Kevin Smith type.
Howard Stern anyone?



ealperin said...

Can we get Sterling Gates on this one?

Jay said...

The TT Annual solicit also talks about the "final" battle with Harvest. Seems like a finale to Lobdell's story to me.

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if April sees the end of Lobdell's runs on both TT and Superman.

Martin Gray said...

'A Superman project' to me implies a special, not a series. We shall see! I can't say I'm chomping at the bit, I don't think I've enjoyed Romita's work since his X-Men days. Well, maybe Spidey.

Anonymous said...

Don't dismiss Mark Millar that fast. His run on the kid-friendly "Superman Adventures" run in the 1990s was very, very good. You can read more at http://jlurevisited.wordpress.com/2010/01/31/weekend-aside-mark-millars-superman-adventures/